Expert Review About Macau Casino

While opulence abounds on Macau’s casino floors, there is an underlying uniformity that may turn off prospective visitors. This is not a surprise, considering Macau’s six well-entrenched operators tightly hold their gaming licenses.

With tourism falling behind as Covid-19 travel restrictions drag on, Macau will have to reinvent itself to attract newer travelers. But it’s not clear how that will happen.

Game offerings

Macau Casino is a very user-friendly offering that offers a huge range of games to its players. It has a dedicated section for each major form of gambling and has all sorts of ideal filtering options to make the experience as easy as possible.

It is important to remember that despite being a Special Administrative Region under China, Macau is not a Las Vegas style casino. Gambling is a serious venture and the vibe on the floor reflects this. There are no party pits or free flow booze, just high stakes gaming with intense peeking at your hold cards.

The game collection here features titles from 45 top-tier providers, and there is a strong focus on live dealer games. You can also find all the popular slot titles here, and many of them come with above-average RTP values.

Table games

Gambling is an integral part of Macau’s culture and the city is renowned across the globe as “the Las Vegas of the East.” It contributes to nearly 50% of the economy. It has been a popular attraction ever since gambling became legal in the 1850s.

Despite the recent downturn in casino revenues, Macau is bouncing back. Several new casinos have opened, and many more are in the pipeline. This includes a massive redevelopment of the famous Cotai Strip.

There are numerous different table games available at คาสิโน มาเก๊า, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Sic Bo. A range of unique dice games are also available, as well as lottery-style games and scratch card games. Some of these games are even offered online.

Slot machines

Macau casinos have a wide range of slot machines, but not all are created equal. Some, like Mr Macau by Betsoft, feature great bonus features that make this slot game more than just a machine with 20 pay lines and classic symbols. The chance to pick up sticky respins on non-winning spins is one of these brilliant bonuses.

While baccarat is still the most popular game in Macau, slots are a close second and they take up the lion’s share of the gaming floors. Players will also find an excellent variety of table games here, as well as all the other types of regular casino gambling. These include dice and lottery-style games, as well as a wide range of scratch card titles. In recent years, the government has stepped up its scrutiny of casinos to try and boost social responsibility and reduce their reliance on gambling revenue.


Macau has a swanky restaurant scene to rival its casinos, especially in the newer hotels. While Hong Kong has its cha chaan teng culture, Macau’s is Portuguese-inspired with high-rent venues such as A Vencedora that feel like stepping into a past age. The number 8 is popular here too: it shows up in casino phone numbers and on menu prices.

One of the most exciting developments since Macau returned to Chinese rule is a focus on the VIP rooms that were once rife with organised crime. These areas are now one of the biggest contributors to casino revenues. Players can earn comps by using their player cards in the gaming area, which also provides discounts at the hotel restaurants and shops. In addition, all mass gaming areas are smoke-free – a great development.


The hustling and bustling of the casino is confined to the gaming floor, giving this 38-story hotel an air of calm. The hotel’s 320 rooms are a study in gold, rose and woody pastels. Those staying in the top-category Mansion Suites will find themselves in another world – with beds that look like thrones and Jacuzzis with crystal beaded drapes.

Macau’s casinos continue to attract a huge number of Chinese tourists, propelling the city back above Las Vegas as the world’s most lucrative gambling hub. The city is also a great place for shopping and watching grand entertainment. So, even if you’re not a gambler, you should still take some time out to explore the casino hotels in Macau. You won’t regret it. You might even walk away with a little luck.