How I Got 10,000 Twitter Followers in 3 Months (and a 13% Engagement Rate)

It needed to be a very new account, beginning from 0. tw followers It turned into unaffiliated with any existing internet site, and I didn’t use my current community. Just a natural test from scratch.

Don’t question me why I began this. It was certainly a curiosity, and I desired to research what makes Twitter tick. And I learnt plenty.

It’s Not Just About The Numbers…

Of route, Twitter fans on their very own mean not anything. So a key part of my little undertaking became engagement.

The common Twitter engagement at the time of this test changed to 0.7%. I needed to ensure I turned above this.

Guess what I was given?

My engagement charge changed to 13% (On my fine tweet. [And an average of over 5-6% on every single post])

So How Did I Get 10,000 Followers And A thirteen% Engagement Rate?

When I started out, I didn’t truly have a strategy. It took some weeks to get going. But after that, a clear and powerful routine started to take shape. I’m no expert! But here’s the way it worked.

Choose your topic cautiously

First of all, you’ve got to know how Twitter Followers works. I’ve spent some years on the platform with a personal account. Much of that point changed into spent watching from the sidelines.

So I knew I had to choose something that equipped a minimum of two of these three matters. I selected journey/movement sports which without problems slipped into both ‘information’ and ‘mild-hearted relief’.

I also knew there has been an open hole for this form of the element. There are big giants like Red Bull. But in terms of small opposition, it’s pretty narrow pickings.

Do the same along with your Twitter procedure. Look for the gaps inside the market. Look for the conversations that aren’t being had. And then start those conversations.

Post attractive content

The Twitter increase is straightforward whilst you consider it. You submit cool stuff. People retweet it. More humans see it and comply with you. You don’t need to make it any greater complex than that. With that method, your number one precedence is to post cool stuff!

Social Media Examiner explains that you’ll get 150% extra retweets if you publish a photograph. So I decided that every tweet must have an image attached.

Make positive every unmarried tweet has cost. Make it an interesting image, a useful piece of data, or a link to something precious. If it’s now not worth announcing, don’t say it.

You can also improve engagement by means of asking questions, retaining your tweets quick, and actively inquiring for retweets.

3. Tweet much less (sure, in reality)

There’s a weird fable that excessive-volume tweeting produces a higher engagement charge. It’s just wrong. (Again, Social Media Examiner will lower back me up). Tweeting too much drowns out the important stuff you’re pronouncing. And it dilutes your content material. It might annoy human beings too.

I stuck to one- tweet an afternoon. That’s all I wished. In general, I most effective despatched 52 tweets in those 3 months. You can strive a few more, however, preserve it to a minimum. Don’t crush your target audience, and don’t drown your content material.

4. Start following human beings

Okay, to date I’ve taught you what to put up. But how do you get those first fans?

I observed this amazing elaboration too. In fact, the primary 100 followers are the toughest you’ll ever get. It took me a bit at the same time to discern the name of the game, however, it’s honestly easy.

Just start following humans. That’s it.

Make a listing of Twitter money owed which have a target audience which you want, and save them for your ‘lists’.

For me, this became action sports mags, outside apparel corporations and many others. I’m positive you could pick masses of accounts from your own selected niche.

Now, load up the last few tweets from those bills. Then observe anyone who favourited, retweeted, or commented on it. These are the maximum active and engaging fans, and also you want them!

Between 30%-40% will usually follow your lower back. That’s the splendour of Twitter – the general public is glad to comply with it.

5. Spend 15 mins doing this each day

Building a Twitter following is a daily activity. You’ve got to be pretty relentless approximately this. Schedule 15 mins a day to put up something cool. Then spend a while following humans in your niche.

I did this every day for 3 months, and I ended up following around eight,000 human beings. About 40% were observed again, and the remaining 7,000 got here from retweets and the organic boom.

If you observed this is a waste of time, just keep in mind that advertising professional Neil Patel took the time to comply with one hundred,000 people when he joined the Twitter platform. And no one would accuse him of losing treasured advertising and marketing time!

Retweet, favour and comment

Twitter isn’t only a one-way avenue. If you don’t join in the conversation, you’re just shouting at the universe. Twitter is a verbal exchange. Get concerned.

Retweet useful records that you noticed on someone’s timeline. Write a bit of comment, or simply favourite their tweet. Don’t be that guy who simply blasts out tweets without reaction.

For instance, Bitcatcha’s social media manager Ee Vonne uses our Twitter account to hang around with other freelancers or commercial enterprise owners, and retweet cool things they’re up to. When a person interacts with us, we sometimes even run their internet site through our velocity checker and allow them to realize the way it’s doing!

Add fee to the network, men. Share the love.

Put hyperlinks on your internet site, Facebook, and e-mail signature

I didn’t have this luxurious, however, it will be an awesome way for you to get some hundred fans fast. (I did emerge as constructing a rudimentary website, to experiment with posting related content material on Twitter. But it wasn’t a factor in my 10k.)

Put your Twitter link to your e-mail signature to capture all your colleagues. That’s a clean way to construct your network. Then use Twitter’s API to position a ‘observe’ button for your internet site. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Set an intention

Nothing takes place till you put a goal. So move for it. Think massive. Why not shoot for 10,000? Or one hundred,000? Or a million?

One aspect I did incorrectly…… Was failing to set out without a broader approach. Since this turned into just a test, I didn’t have a bigger plan.

You need to figure out how your Twitter presence fits into your normal commercial enterprise version. Do you need to pressure more income or internet site visitors? Do you want to build attention or faucet right into a specially moneymaking marketplace?

That’s one thing I didn’t do, and now I’ll need to paint backwards to discern out how to use this aid.