Prince2 Certification

How Long Does a Prince2 Certification Take in 2023?

Letting a team complete the project to top quality within a timeframe can be complicated. It’s the reason why taking time to build your skills in project management and earn a Prince2 Certification can be a massive help in helping you organize your work.

Although adding a professional designation to your qualifications seems simple, you may have some questions regarding the time required to complete a Prince2 Certification training course before registering formally. We’re here to assist you.

Why should you pursue a PRINCE2 Certification?

The PRINCE2 certification can propel your career in project management to new highs.

You’ll discover how to complete top-quality projects on time and budget efficiently. Upon successfully completing the internationally recognized PRINCE2 training course, you’ll be an experienced and more employable person, opening the doors to more career opportunities and lucrative salary options.

What is the structure of PRINCE2 qualifications designed?

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is a foundation course that was intended for people at any point in their career who wish to increase their knowledge of project management and practical knowledge. It also is an essential requirement should you pursue the PRINCE2 Practitioner level.

Suppose you already have a project management certification but still need to get a project management qualification. In that case, you might be eligible to skip the PRINCE2 Foundation program and instead pursue the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate. This certification was designed for those who have experience and want to be Fully certified practitioners of PRINCE2.

Suppose you’re a beginner in PRINCE2 who would like to be a Certified Practitioner by taking both courses simultaneously. In that case, There’s also the option of enrolling in the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Combined course.

As with the PRINCE2 Foundation Course, it doesn’t have entry requirements. However, completing it is naturally more time-consuming because it’s equivalent to two different courses.

How long will the PRINCE2 certification take?

It usually takes students between three days to three months for the PRINCE2 Project Management qualification.

If you’re taking the PRINCE2 combination course, it will take most students between five to six months to finish their certification, but the duration of completion will depend on the type of study you select.

To learn more about how long it takes to complete each PRINCE2 class, look further below.

How long will a PRINCE2 6th Edition Foundation exam require?

The average student will need about two to three weeks to complete PRINCE2’s Foundation course if they are studying it full-time in a classroom.

If you’re enrolled in a part-time online course, it can take approximately one to three months to earn the PRINCE2 Foundation certification when you’re working full-time.

But you can finish the PRINCE2 online as quickly as in a classroom if you can dedicate a significant amount of time to studying.

What can you be able to learn?

Learn about the core topics of processes, principles, and concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology and learn how to initiate, start, manage, and control projects confidently. After completing the course you’ll know to move on to the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate should you choose.

If you do decide not to go to the next stage, keep in your mind it is not enough to passing the Foundation course by itself is not enough to qualify you as an accredited practitioner.

How long does a PRINCE2 6th edition Practitioner certification last?

As with the Foundation course, it typically takes students about two to three days to finish the PRINCE2 Practitioner course If they decide to take the full-time classroom course.

Other than that, part-time online and virtual learning techniques typically require students three months to earn the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification while working full-time.

But you can take the exam online as you’d in a classroom if you devote all your time to studying.

What can you be able to learn?

The Foundation Course concentrates on theory and practice and concepts, and the PRINCE2 Practitioner course goes one step further and focuses on practical applications of the theories of PRINCE2 and Network+.

You’ll discover how to apply the PRINCE2 methodology to your daily task management tasks. This is done through a greater understanding and education regarding every aspect of PRINCE2’s management techniques, eventually transforming you into a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner after completing the course.

How long will the PRINCE2 6th edition Practitioner and Foundation Combined certificate be completed?

When taking classes, students usually take around five days to complete the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Course Combined.

Part-time online and online learning options However, it will take students on average six months to attain their certificate—three months in the course for Foundation and an additional three months for the Professional course.

Be aware that this is only an average. You can complete the PRINCE2 online like you’d do in a classroom if you can work on it for an extended period.

What can you be able to learn?

This Combined course will instruct you on the principles and applications of the PRINCE2 methodology by tailoring your training to your particular project context.

You’ll be equipped with extensive knowledge of the connection between PRINCE2 concepts, processes, and principles, and you’ll learn the components of the PRINCE2 procedure.