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How to Connect AirPods to an HP Laptop

What should you do in the event that you’re Air Pods are not connecting:What to Know

This article explains how you can attach Air Pods on your HP laptop. It is possible to use you Air Pods connected to your HP Laptop simultaneously as they’re connected to your iPhone as well. You can switch between them whenever you want.

How to Connect Air Pods to an HP Laptop

Air Pods connect using Bluetooth So joining Air Pods to an HP laptop is simply a matter of switching Bluetooth on, setting them in pairing mode, putting the Air Pods into pairing mode after which you connect them. Once you’ve set it up the Air Pods will reconnect any when they’re within reach. It is also possible to manually connect and unplug them.

Here’s how you join the Air Pods to your HP laptop:

Select on the Action Center button on your taskbar alternatively press Windows Key + A to open the Action Center.

Just click Bluetooth.

Click Go to Settings.

In the event that your Bluetooth toggle is turned off you can toggle it by clicking it. on.

Click Add Bluetooth or another device.

Click Bluetooth.

Open your Air Pods case.

Hold the press button in the Air Pods case.

Jeremy Liukkonen / Life wire

If the light is white, press the button.

Jeremy Liukkonen / Life wire

The light may be in your bag or even on the front of your case.

Click on your Air Pods in the list of devices that have been discovered.

Air Pods Air Pods will show up as headphones initially after which they will display the name you chose at the time of setting them up.

Watch to see if to wait for the Air Pods to pair, then click Done.

How to Use Air Pods With an HP Laptop

The process of connecting Air Pods to an HP laptop isn’t as simple as actually connecting your Air Pods with the laptop. If you intend to make use of the Air Pods to listen to videos or music or video chat or whatever else you’ll have to switch out the audio outputs after connecting to the Air Pods. This could happen automatically on the first time you connect your Air Pods connect, but you could also try it manually in case you encounter issues with audio not coming through or coming from the Air Pods.

Your laptop might have multiple audio options , if you’ve connected to a variety of devices previously However, your HP laptop will display the Headphone / Speaker (Realtek(R) Audio) at the minimum. Moving from that output to using your Air Pods will allow you to connect the Air Pods with your laptop.

Here’s how you can make use of Air Pods with your HP laptop:

Remove out your Air Pods out of the case.

If your laptop is able to automatically switch audio outputs, and the Air Pods work at this point, you do not have to complete the other steps. This is only needed when a different device is preventing that audio output from changing automatically.

You can click the speaker symbol in your taskbar.

Select the drop-down menu.

Click Headphones (Air Pods Stereo).

Now you can utilize the Air Pods with your laptop.

Do Air Pods Work With Laptops?

Air Pods work with any device that can join via Bluetooth to an audio output device or input device through Bluetooth. This means that Air Pods can work with laptops, however only if your laptop supports Bluetooth. If your laptop isn’t equipped with Bluetooth and you don’t have Bluetooth, then you’ll require an Bluetooth dongle prior to being able to connect to your Air Pods.

Because the majority of modern HP laptops are equipped with Bluetooth and Air Pods, you can utilize Air Pods with an HP laptop in the same way that you would utilize any other Bluetooth headphones, earbuds or headset.

Why Can’t I Connect My Air Pods to My HP Laptop?

When you’re Air Pods won’t connect, it could be a problem that is related to Bluetooth in your computer or an issue with your Air Pods. Here are some of the most common issues and solutions:

For connecting your Air Pods directly to your Mac ensure that the Air Pods are in their case. Then, remove the lid. Hold the button to set up until you can see it blink white. On your Mac open System Preferences > Bluetooth. On the Devices list, choose Air Pods. If you’re Air Pods have the capability to enable Siri, then select Enable so that you can utilize Siri commands on the Air Pods.

For connecting Air Pods on a Chromebook choose the menu on the Chromebook after which select Bluetooth and switch to your Bluetooth connection. Click and hold on the button for setting up in the Air Pods case, then on the Chromebook visit the Bluetooth Available Devices list and choose your Air Pods. The Air Pods are now paired to the Chromebook.

For connecting Air Pods to an Android device, go to Settings on your Android and switch on Bluetooth. Hold the button to set up the Air Pods case until the light goes white. Then, on your Android device, click Air pods on the list of devices available and follow the instructions.

However, you’re not able to use Bluetooth to connect Air Pods to a Roku TV directly via Bluetooth however, there’s a solution that lets you utilize Air Pods with a Roku TV. Begin by connecting with your Air Pods with an iPhone or Android Then you can download the Roku application for iPhone or install the Roku application for Android. On the Roku app, go to the Remote tab, then Devices and OK and then click Connect Now. Once the Roku app locates you’re Roku device, it will select it and then press on the Remote icon. Click the headphones icon, then click OK. Then, when you stream a show to you Roku TV, you’ll hear the sound with the AirPods.

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