understand the feeling of rejection

How to understand this feeling of rejection or abandonment that betrayal will leave!

Understand the feeling of rejection: Trust is not an empty word. To trust someone is to give them the keys to your home so that you never fear that they will do something negative with them!

In a relationship, when we share our intimacy with the other, we never expect it to end badly! However, breakups, separations, and relational difficulties testify again and again to these emotional sufferings, which are real hurricanes in our lives!

Understand the feeling of rejection

When love loses its beautiful colours to tarnish to blacken our hearts, then we see the dark corridors of betrayal, scheming, and bad behaviour on the part of the person who only yesterday claimed to love us!

How can we take this disastrous step that denies all the beautiful shared memories?

In the name of what truth? When beings bind in relationships of understanding and affection, what can make the depth of feelings disappear and create a gap? Yesterday so close, today so distant, like a stranger! It’s hard to understand, isn’t it?

Nowadays relationships are not as trustworthy, people just say I love you, start sharing good morning, and good night images, that makes me feel trustworthy in love. 

Are relationships based so much on illusions? It is essential to try to ask yourself all the questions to succeed in accepting what you cannot change!

Why are people so often mistaken? Are they that manipulative, false, and deceitful? Do they change their personality to please others for a moment while hiding who they really are?

Why did they look at you with kindness yesterday, and how can they now have so much hatred for you?

When we stop in the middle of the rubble of a relationship history to observe what happened, we recognize some usual elements that always lead to the same result: jealousy, backbiting, domination, manipulation, lies, personal interests, resentments…

And behind all that, what have we done with love! What meaning has been given to this word to be on the wrong track?

Love is not just a little bit of life. It’s a whole field of emotions that always converge towards the same intention: to help the other to always become better, to grow, to evolve!

Never stop it, nor slow it down or block it in its scalability! Never chain it with old rusty irons! Never let other people interfere!

What we decide to share with someone in love or in friendship belongs only to us. No one should afford to agitate or separate!

When pieces of ourselves remain trapped by others who hurt us, then it’s extremely important to reclaim our wholeness so that we don’t feel like we’re left lost to someone else because of a failed story, as if we were to remain forever. Broken!

How to rebuild yourself emotionally to completely repair yourself?

Writing is the best relational therapy. The more we write about what makes us suffer, the more we give back to our life in all its flavours as one clears an abandoned garden, one restores an old forgotten piece of furniture, one picks up the pieces of a precious object! Writing comes to appease us!

When the letters combine to help us put words to our ills, everything is freed. We purify our body, heart, and mind! Being able to put words to our suffering means keeping or taking back the reins of our existence!

Words help us to understand everything, to accept everything, and they comfort us because we know thanks to them what really happened!

Each word is accompanied by a feeling. Each text is made up of our shivers, our fears, our tears, our tremors! On the page, the glimmers of what is shown to us are drawn to help us rebuild ourselves instantly.

It is this power to say with words what saddens us, oppresses us, depresses us! So when we reread each other, it’s a whole world that gives itself up to allow us to heal ourselves over time thanks to this light which shows us the way to our inner healing without bitterness or anger in a total liberation for a revival. Needed!

Making peace with yourself begins with reclaiming every lost inner space! Writing is a declaration of self-love! It is no longer looking for excuses to flee; on the contrary, it is through our words that we embrace our heart to breathe a balm of sweetness and understanding!

When I write “I love you” on the page, these letters illuminate the soul of whoever reads it!

Think about it to draw the contours of a relationship, describe it with your words as precisely as possible, and then you will know if it is sincere or imagined! If you know how to find the precise words to describe it, you will know how to weigh the value of this relationship!

If you can’t find the words, then…It’s not just because you don’t feel like writing, the words don’t come when a relationship struggles to inspire us, and a grey area remains! Writing does not lie and does not cheat! She leaves the truth of our hearts on the page!

Just try to write to someone to tell them that you love them: do the words jostle or get lost? …. The key is hidden in your heart! No need to think; when you are sincere, words come naturally! Like water flowing from the source, the words flow down the page!

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