Antalya and Istanbul package

Istanbul & Antalya: Picturesque Holidays where East meets West

Turkey is the world’s most beautiful country with plenty of ancient attractions. It’s a mixture of two nations and cultures of east and west. While planning a holiday to Turkey always consider Antalya and Istanbul holiday packages as a priority. Istanbul is the heart of Turkey.

Rivers of Istanbul:

Two mesmerizing rivers of Istanbul are:

  • Bosphorus River
  • Marmara River

A fairy is always cruising under the bridge of the Bosphorus.

Holiday package of Istanbul & Antalya:

Every travel agent offers a 5-7 days holiday package for Istanbul and Antalya. These majestic cities are worth watching for.

Major Site Attractions in Istanbul Package:

Sultan Ahmet Centre:

 It is the heart of the old city, of Istanbul. It’s a huge palace having a lot of other things to watch and explore the ancient historic aspects of Istanbul, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia:

When you book a holiday package to Istanbul on your arrival on the very first day the first thing to explore in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia which is a stunning piece of architecture and is converted from a church to a museum.


It is a very vast place open to the public. Different events take place there every year. i.e. chariot races and gladiator fights. Egyptian Obelisks and the German fountain is the main monumental attraction of Hippodrome.

Blue Mosque:

This mosque is famous because of its blue-colored ceramic tiles. A magnificent picturesque building.

Grand Bazar:

The most famous, attractive, and very vast Grand Bazar of Istanbul. It is full of clothing shops, restaurants, furniture, and historical and beautiful architectural buildings.

Topkapi Palace:

It is the residence of the sultans of the ottoman empire with magnificent buildings. A museum is also situated inside the palace having different monuments, sculptures, holy relics, dresses, utensils, weapons, Harem, and jewelry used by the kings and queens of Istanbul, Turkey.

Spice Bazaar:

It is the most vibrant bazaar in Istanbul next to the Galata bridge. This bazaar offers so many things to people. i.e. dried nuts, spices, Turkish cuisine, etc.

Galata Tower:

It is a very tall tower located at the end of Istiklal Street in Istanbul. It is at the end of the street and has no pathway to the other side of the tower you have to turn back to Istiklal Street.

Bosphorus Cruise Tour:

While planning a holiday to Istanbul, a Bosphorus cruise tour is a must. The holiday package to Istanbul is incomplete without this cruise tour. You have to cruise in a fairy full of lights roaming in the Bosphorus river showing an eye-catching view of ancient historic buildings in Istanbul including visits to:

  • Dolmabahce Palace 
  • Rumelihisari Fortress
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Summer home of Ottoman sultans
  • Bezmialem Valide Sultan Mosque
  • The Golden Horn
  • Bosphorus Bridge
  • Cable car tour
  • The Black Sea

Princess’ Island Istanbul:

Princess’ Island is a beautiful piece of land based on old Turkish modes of transportation having no cars or bikes. It is divided into two islands:

  • Heybeliada: Before reaching Princess’ island the first island that came in between is Heybeliada. People visit this island by electric cars.
  • Buyukada: it is the biggest island. People reach there by boat. For roaming on the island people use horse carriages and bicycles. It is full of greenery and small houses or bungalows. Almost every restaurant on the island offers complimentary tea or coffee.

Bursa Tour:

It is the first Ottoman Capital. People will travel there first by boat and then by road. It has a lot of attractions including:

  • Historical Inkaya Tree
  • Uludag Mountain
  • Green mosque
  • Green tomb
  • Silk market
Istanbul and Antalya holiday package

Top Best Accommodations in Istanbul:

  • Sultanhan Hotel
  • Hotel SU & Aqualand
  • Orka Taksim Suites & Hotel
  • Walton Gardens Pera
  • Antea Hotel
  • Arden City Hotel
  • Antusa Design Hotel & Spa
  • Carlton Hotel

Antalya City Tour:

Antalya is an old city in Turkey. It has a lot of wonderful attractions. The archeology museum is the largest in Antalya. A lot of ancient buildings are included in the Antalya holiday package. These are:

  • Clock Tower
  • Republic Square
  • Antalya Old Town
  • Fluted Minaret

Other wonderful attractions site in Antalya are:

Duden Waterfalls:

A group of different waterfalls combine and form the magnificent Duden waterfalls located in the Northeast of Antalya and falls in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cable Car Ride:

Antalya is famous because of its cable car ride towards tunek tape.


It is restored for yachts and gulets.

Hadrian’s Gate:

It is an ancient attraction in the old city of Antalya built by Romans having narrow streets and Ottoman-style structured buildings.

Top Best Accommodations in Antalya:

  • Akra Hotel
  • Doubletree by Hilton
  • Megasaray Westbeach Antalya
  • APA Mountain Lodge
  • Side Breeze Hotel

Summarising Up:

In summarising the article, Istanbul and Antalya are the best places for a holiday if you want to enjoy the historical ancient buildings with a modern touch. These places have the best holiday packages.