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Professional Dough Mixer for Highly Hydrated Dough

The aroma of freshly baked bread is heavenly. If you want to bake bread that is equally heavenly to taste with the right texture, it is important to knead dough of  the right consistency. It should be adequately hydrated so that you can bake soft and fresh aromatic bread. 

Whether you are  a seasoned professional or a new chef, kneading the perfect dough is not an easy task that you can pull off each time. However, if you have a professional dough mixer or a dough maker, you can add just the right amount of ingredients and let the appliance take care of the rest. The end result is soft and hydrated dough.     

What Is Hydrated Dough?

Highly hydrated dough refers to dough with high water content. This differs based  on the kind of flour and its capacity to absorb, whether it has bran or no. The water content that is present in the dough and the carbon dioxide produced in the process of leavening lets its volume rise. Besides increasing the volume, it also results in a light and soft product. A professional dough mixer or a dough maker is the right appliance to get such results. 

Dough Mixer: A Worthy Investment

Professional dough mixers are a common appliance used in bakeries. If you are a person who loves home-made bread and wants to add different varieties of bread in your diet on a daily basis, you should definitely consider adding one to your existing range of kitchen appliances. It is a worthy investment as you can bake healthy and soft bread right at home sans preservatives, thanks to the highly hydrated dough that the appliance can knead in no time.          

Besides highly hydrated dough, you can also enjoy several other benefits like automatic mixing & kneading, great performance, less efforts, preset menu for added convenience and ease of cleaning.  

Tips for Kneading Highly Hydrated Dough

Highly hydrated dough is not easy to mix or knead. It needs shorter fermentation time  but needs  more  of your manual efforts when compared to low hydrated dough. If you want to knead highly hydrated dough each time, here are a few tips that can help achieve that perfection. 

  • As mentioned earlier, the best  way  to  knead  highly hydrated dough is to use a professional  dough maker
  • Add the  right  amount  of   ingredients  (especially flour and water)  to  make soft dough. Use  a  kitchen  scale  to get the measurements right. If the measurements are not accurate, it could have  a negative effect on the final results. 
  • Retard the  dough. Highly hydrated dough ferments quicker when compared to low hydrated dough. So, put it in the refrigerator overnight so that the bacteria is alive and impacts the ability to leaven.  The next day, you can proof and ferment the dough. 

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Hope you have now got an idea of the importance of highly hydrated dough and how a professional dough mixer or a dough maker can help, you can make the most out of this wonderful kitchen appliance.