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Rigid Kraft Boxes with Lamination foiling and addons-Complete Explanation 

When it comes to protecting products along enhancing their presentation, the rigid kraft box design is highly popular in the market. This packaging is superior in sturdiness and serves brands in the shipping phase. These boxes are also highly popular due to their easy-to-customize nature along with their sturdy structure. Brands can use die-cutting, scoring, and perforation options to change the shape and size of this packaging. They can also use various add-ons to enrich the functionality of packaging. There are also various options available to change the shape and size of boxes to fit any product. Moreover, the printing and lamination options available for packaging are also perfect for assisting brands in marketing.

The Need for a Rigid kraft Box Design

Any sort of physical impact and contamination can make the products useless. Brands need to ensure the protection of their products to win the trust of the audience. Although there are a variety of unique packaging designs available in the market, the demand for rigid kraft boxes is always high. These boxes are highly functional, and customizing them is also highly easy.

The Kraft structure of packaging is highly versatile and pliable. Brands can use various options such as scoring and die-cutting to change the shape and size of packaging. Brands can use the wide printing space available for the packaging to highlight any graphics on the packaging. They can also communicate to the audience about the nature of products.

Packaging and Customization

The market is now full of similar product boxes. They always confuse the audience while purchasing the products. It is crucial for you to always select innovative packaging designs to raise the appeal of your products. Making the products appealing in the market can not only help you raise the sales of products but also get ahead of the competition. Luckily, there are endless custom options available for both big and small rigid boxes

You can change the shape and size of these boxes to make the product snug fit. There are also various options available to raise the functionality of the design. You can add die-cut inserts, windows, and handles to this packaging. PP and PE laminations also assist in raising the barrier properties of the design. Moreover, custom packaging design also assists in promoting products in the market by raising the recognition of products.


Any standard packaging design in the market isn’t enough to amaze the audience. Product makers in the market are using innovative and appealing packaging designs to hook the attention of consumers. Inventive packaging designs help brands to showcase their professionalism. Packaging is the face of brands for the audience, and making it perfect is crucial. Brands can use various add-ons in packaging to make the appeal and functionality of the design high.

They can use die-cut inserts in a white rigid box to both protect and present the products. These inserts are also highly easy to print and help in the creative presentation. Die-cut windows are also available and help the brands to provide the audience with a new perspective on products. Moreover, brands can also use additional handles and padding to ensure the integrity of sensitive products. These add-ons make even ordinary luxury rigid box packaging stand out.


When it comes to presenting premium products and high-worth products, selecting even top rigid gift boxes is not enough. These products always require premium touches to showcase their true nature of products. Cardboard and Kraft rigid box design are perfect as it helps the brands to showcase their products with a premium appeal. There are copper, silver, and gold foiling options available for these boxes that help brands most innovatively.

They can either foil the whole packaging with these options or opt for a minimalistic approach. Brands can also use these foiling options to highlight written descriptions and logos. This helps to leave a premium impact on the minds of the audience. Moreover, there are also embossing and debossing options available for rigid kraft boxes. These options also assist brands in a variety of unique ways during the promotion and marketing of products.


It is not always about the visuals of packaging, but the aesthetics also matters a lot. Packaging is the representation of any brand’s professional nature in front of the audience. The visuals of packaging are never only the factor that helps to hook the audience. It is also important for brands to enhance the feel and aesthetics of the packaging. Moreover, uplifting the barrier properties of packaging is also highly important as it helps to prolong the shelf life of products.

Luckily, laminations available for packaging can help brands well. These laminations for luxury rigid box packaging can be categorized into two main types. The first type of lamination is for protection. Brands can use PP and PE laminations for this purpose to uplift barrier characteristics. The second type of lamination is for aesthetics. Brands can opt for matte. UV, gloss, velvet touch, and smudge-free lamination for the purpose.

Other Options

There are also various other custom options available for rigid box design in addition to add-ons, foiling, and laminations. The materials used in these boxes are highly sturdy and versatile, and it makes customization easy. There are options for die-cutting, scoring, and perforation available for this packaging. These options help the brands to change the shape and size of packaging. There are also various options available for printing these boxes. Brands can opt for silk screen, offset, and digital printing in both PMS and CMYK color configurations, depending upon their choice of graphics. Moreover, they can also use eco-friendly printing inks to ensure the sustainability of their design.

In a nutshell, the custom options available for rigid kraft box packaging are the ultimate to help brands. These custom options are perfect for helping brands make simple packaging designs stand out. Brands can use innovative packaging designs with add-ons and laminations to raise their sales effectively in the market.