How To Report A Scam Business

Scammer Online – How To Report A Scam Business

Let us first define what a scam is.

What is a Scam?

A scam is an unethical scheme intended to defraud its victims of money or other valuables.

The victims of these scams are generally private individuals, so even if the scammer is reported, not much can be done about it.

However, what if the scammer was not an individual but a whole business? What if the business’ members are all con-artists who suck out all the money from your wallet? What then?

If individual reports that a well-known business scammed them out of nowhere, they would not be trusted. Instead, it would backfire. People would just call the individual what nowadays people call “a troll.”

Online Reputation:

This would tarnish the individual’s online reputation and let the scam business get away with the damage they have dealt to its victim.

However, the ratings will speak for themselves if many people report being scammed by a business. This is why people who businesses have scammed are told to speak up and report such scam businesses on different websites.

Businesses Scam:

When businesses scam someone, they use intense precision to ensure they have no way of getting caught. For this, they either hire an online reputation management agency to use their services, or they keep their online reputation positive by themselves.

This positive online reputation is what helps them paint an actual victim as a ‘troll’ on the internet. Since just leaving a negative review does not do the job, people have to go on well-known and trusted websites that are actually able to take action against the business.

Before we show some websites where you can report a scam business, we need to ensure that you have been scammed.

How Businesses Scam Their Clients

It is generally easier for businesses to scam people because of their high reputation. If someone once in a blue moon does leave an online review that they were scammed, it is either shoved under the rug, or people consider the scammed victim a ‘troll’  

Listed below are a few ways businesses can scam their customers:


This is one of the if not most common ways businesses scam other people. Businesses start conversations with people who they know are able to invest in their business. They then advertise their business to the investor and promise high revenue returns for them.

Though this is a red flag, it would be shocking to know how many people fall for it because of the need for more money.

How To Report A Scam Business?

Once the victim agrees, the business sends you their bank account number. This bank account is actually a scam and fake bank account. Once you deposit money, the business breaks off any and every conversation and contact they had with their victim.

Then they transfer the money from the fake account to the real account so that it cannot be found even if the police use the bank account number the scammer sent to the victim.

Such scams by businesses are done with utmost precision so that they cannot get caught. Hence many victims end up unable to recover all that they have lost.

  1. Not Offering Goods And Services For The Money Paid:

Some businesses that generally operate online can easily scam people. People generally look out for scams on online websites; however, people can still get scammed. For example, a person can order a dress online from a business, but the business asks them to pay for it first.

Once the client pays, they never get the item they purchased at their front door, no matter how often they try to call the company or complain on their website.

  1. Giving Out Fake Items:

These types of scams are generally much known. These types of businesses add fake pictures or use pictures from other websites. When people order from these websites because of the pictures advertised, they may pay high prices for the quality of the product.

However, when they get the product, it is not the same as it is advertised. The color may be different; the size may be different, and so on. These scams can usually not be reverted because the business refuses to contact you after they have scammed you.

Now that you’ve identified that you have been scammed. It is of utmost possible to report these scams, and when many people report them, a collective view of the company is formed that can be used against the scam business.

Here Are A Few Websites Where You Can Report A Scam Business:


These websites ask for other information in order to know how you were scammed when you were scammed, and from which business you were scammed.

Then there are reports that go against the business so that it is held accountable and has to pay back all its victims.

How To Report A Scammer Online?

Reporting scams is vital because if many people come together to report scams about a particular business, then people will realize that all these people are not lying. An individual can be considered a troll, but when 100 or more people complain about how the same business scammed them, they realize that all these reviews cannot be fabricated.

Hence, it always helps you and other victims if you report a business that has scammed you so that you can back up other people’s testimonies about being scammed.