Styling Tips For Short Height Women

Styling Tips For Short Height Women

It can be easy to get down on yourself if you are vertically challenged, but it does not mean you have to accept your fate as unattractive. Take these tips from a woman who has been there and done that to boost your confidence and look fantastic. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your short height and styling tips for short height women. You can buy attractive Baroque UK clothes brands at House of Faiza.

Dress women of short height in well fitting outfits

Dressing well is important to everyone, but it’s especially important to us shorter ladies. From the waist up, we need to make sure that everything is tailored and fitted correctly so as not to create any unflattering lines or extra fabric. Tops should skim the body, rather than cling, with a slight tuck in at the waist.

If you’re wearing a dress in Baroque UK that has an empire waist or falls below the natural waistline, it will help create the illusion of longer legs. Pants should always be hemmed for optimal length and cuffing your jeans can lengthen your torso even more. Dresses should stop at or just above your knee so that you don’t detract from your frame by adding extra fabric on top or below.

Make sure your Neckline is correct

The Neckline on your tops and dresses should generally be at the same level as your natural waist to give you an overall elongated look. If you have a shorter torso, wear tops with high necklines that hit just below the bra line or dress with a scoop or square Neckline. If you are taller and have a short torso, wear low-cut tops that fall right above the bra line or dresses with v-necklines.  Make sure your Neckline is correct. The Neckline on your tops and dresses should generally be at the same level as your natural waist to give you an overall elongated look.

Wear solid outfits to appear longer

An easy way to appear taller is to wear solid outfits. Solid colors will lengthen your silhouette and make you look taller. You can also avoid too busy prints as they will draw the eye downwards, which will shorten your body. Patterns should be small and close together so they only take up a little space on the body. Avoid high-wasted bottoms as these will only make you appear shorter.

 The color black will make you appear taller as it draws attention to your head and face, which will make your body appear longer. Black pants can be a good idea if you are trying to lose weight in your thighs, as they won’t show bulges. However if you are slim, be careful not to wear them too tight or they may emphasize any problem areas on your lower half. Also avoid wearing too much black if you’re petite as it will draw more attention to how tall everyone else is around you.

Maintain the proportion of the sleeves

Use a ruler to measure the length of your sleeve and compare it to the size of your arm. You want there to be a three-inch difference from the armpit to the end of your sleeve when it is in its resting position. Choose the smaller one for the best results if you are between two sizes.

For shirts, make sure that you wear a top that has long enough sleeves so that your arms aren’t covered up by too much fabric.

If you are wearing pants, choose ones with cuffs rather than straight legs because this will help create more volume on the bottom half of your body.

Wear tiny and vertical prints

Dressing well doesn’t have to be hard and if you’re a shorter woman, it’s even more important. Wear tiny and vertical prints to stay on top of the fashion game. This will accentuate your shorter stature and make you appear taller. Shop at Baroque UK for the perfect clothes to suit your style.


This post aims to provide some styling tips that will help you feel confident and beautiful, no matter your height. These have helped give your ideas about how to dress for your body type. Consider wearing dresses or skits that are not too long they all draw attention up and elongate your legs. Remember to wear what makes you happy! Baroque UK has a variety of collections perfect for different body types.