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Top Five Best Coronavirus Apps and Dashboards 2020

Whether you are a health care professional or patient, there are some great coronavirus apps and dashboards that can be used to track your coronavirus symptoms. These apps and dashboards can help you to find out if you are developing symptoms of the disease or how severe your symptoms are. These apps can also be used to help you to detect the coronavirus before it causes problems in your life.


Using PNPCODA coronavirus apps and dashboards, you can track the spread of the virus and take preventive measures to avoid becoming infected. You can also access data on outbreaks in other countries. This is especially helpful for healthcare providers.

PNPCODA coronavirus apps are free to download. You can use them on your PC, phone, or tablet. You can also visit the PNPCODA website to learn more about the virus. You can also contact the PNPCODA website administrators for help.

The dashboards available on the PNPCODA website are easy to use. You can see the disease’s status, the number of cases and treatment, and vaccine coverage. There are also charts and interactive graphs. You can view the number of people infected with the virus, the number of deaths caused by the virus, and the prevalence of the virus in different countries.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, smartphone applications were developed to detect and track infected persons. These apps are primarily based on Bluetooth proximity tracing. Symptom monitoring apps also rely on accurate logs of recent health records.

Early identification of COVID-19-positive individuals allows for efficient tracing of contacts. This can reduce the risk of future pandemics. However, manual contact tracing has shown a high rate of false positives. This means that contact tracing is less accurate than digital tracing.

Privacy concerns must be a primary consideration for contact tracing apps. Developers must prioritize this in the design and implementation of the app. This can help to avoid wasted resources.

Privacy concerns may be minimized by creating a decentralized system. However, this requires a high level of public use. In addition, the privacy of individuals who have used the app may not be protected from other users. This may have a large impact on the efficacy of contact tracing apps.


Amongst the hundreds of coronavirus apps and dashboards, few have been more successful at driving user adoption than the HaMagen app. The app, which uses a combination of GPS, Bluetooth and an infrared sensor to look out for potential infections, was tested by the Health Department in the UK.

The app supposedly measures a user’s location and estimates the probability that a given person has contracted the virus, while calculating the cost to treat a case. It is then sent to the relevant health authority for further consideration. The app also has a few other cool features, such as check-in and check-out services that are based on a user’s estimated risk for contracting the virus. It is also a good idea to have a mobile security solution in place to verify that the device isn’t being tampered with.

Covid Symptom Tracker

Several Coronavirus mobile applications and dashboards are in use to monitor symptoms and track the disease’s spread. These apps help health professionals and patients identify who may have been in contact with the virus. However, legal issues may prevent apps from supporting data sharing.

The first round of screening excluded apps that did not have symptom tracking as a function. The second round also excluded apps that had singular functions. These apps included an instruct function, which aided in directing users to next steps based on symptoms. The third round excluded apps that were required to have institutional credentials.

Most of the apps included in the study were geared toward acute symptoms. However, there were a few that specifically tracked long-term symptoms. This feature should be included in future COVID-19 mHealth apps to help health professionals and patients better manage their symptoms.

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