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A report compiled by the police in Lahore on the subject of drug addiction treatment in Lahore. the difficulties that have encountered, and the next steps. That need to taken has brought to light some disturbing facts. According to the report, the police in the provincial capital have discovered. “102 dead bodies of chronic addicts” in the past six months. Lahore police compiled the very first detailed. study ever done on the subject of drug usage in the country.

Elimination of drug misuse:

The report was sufficiently detailed drug addiction treatment in Lahore. Lahore Operations DIG retired Capt. Suhail Chaudhry wrote. and presented the complete report. to the inspector general of police with the request. that the same forwarded to the government of Punjab for consideration. He stated that it will assist in the elimination of drug misuse. addressing the challenges as well as the recommendations for the government of Punjab. to take decisive action in order to make Lahore “a drug-free city.”

Rehabilitation centers:

It proposed that all six panahgas converted into rehabilitation centers. According to the report, there are millions of drug addicts in the city, and they are dying on the roadsides. The report advised the chief minister that all six Pannah Gahs. (also known as shelter homes) in Lahore turned. into rehabilitation centers for drug addicts. Additionally, it suggested that “Drug Victim Support Squads”. established by the district administration with the assistance of the local police force.

Drugs for a long time:

It stated that since January 2023. The Lahore police had picked up 102 dead bodies of drug users. from various parts of the city while attending to calls during the 15 o’clock hour. These are some worrying facts. They had addicted to drugs for a long time. and the majority of them were using injectable substances when they passed away. It said that hashish was the most frequent substance after sedatives. and tranquilizers such as heroin, opium, and benzodiazepines. The ‘inhalant abuse among stepchildren’ was also deemed. to be another important difficulty for the Lahore police.

The drug abusers:

According to the survey. There are a total of 87 sites or pockets of drug addiction in the capital of the province government. where drug addicts may seen congregating together. Of these, a significant number of such points. – a total of 32 – discovered in the City division, 24 in the Civil Lines division, 12 in Saddar. eight in Model Town, eight in Cantt, and just three in the Iqbal Town division. The total number of such points located in the City division was 32. The police report referred to it as a serious social hazard. and stated that the criminal action taken against. the drug abusers were insufficient since. They need rehabilitation to return to regular life.

Rehabilitation service:

The report also stated that the situation was extremely dangerous. This highlighted the critical need. for quick rehabilitation services for the addicts living in the city. which did not have any treatment centers. It requested that measures taken to prevent it. the open sale of medications and syringes in medical stores. The administration of the district accused of being neglectful. on the issue, and the study made the suggestion. that other drug users should referred to as victims rather than offenders. It was difficult for the police to deal with drug addicts.

Hepatitis and depression:

While they were in custody because the majority of them had diagnosed. with serious mental and physical ailments such as HIV, hepatitis. and depression, amongst others. This was one of the challenges associated with the drug abusers. The police officials. who were facing departmental punishments. and inquiries due to the custodial deaths of drug users. with challenges as a result of the manifold increase in the number of drug abusers who died in custody. as a result of health problems or by committing suicide while they were in custody.

Build treatment centers:

The study states that “the obligation for the registration. and rehabilitation of drug users lies. within the jurisdiction of the province governments” in accordance. with Sections 52 and 53 of the Control of Narcotics Substance Act (CNSA). It suggested that under Section 52 of the CNSA. the government should start registering all drug users for rehabilitation or treatment. while also providing them registration cards. The most appropriate departments for this purpose. it stated, were the Social Welfare and Baitul Mall departments. In accordance with Section 53, it required to build treatment centers. that provide services.

Model Drug Abuse Centers:

According to the report. There is only one dedicated ‘Drug Rehabilitation Centre’ in all of Punjab. and that center located in Multan. The report also stated. that approximately ten ‘Model Drug Abuse Centers’ established in Punjab. but they were not fully functional. Lahore does not have a dedicated rehabilitation center for Alcohol Treatment in Lahore addicts. and Multan is the only other city in Punjab with such a center. The Anti-Narcotics Force has established “Model Addicts Treatment & Rehabilitation Centers”. in the five most important cities in the province.