NDIS Plan Management

What Are the Differences Between NDIS Plan Management and Self-Managed NDIS?

Regarding funding for disability care, it is important to know the differences between NDIS Plan Management and Self-Managed NDIS. Both options offer a range of benefits for individuals with disabilities. Understanding the different approaches could help you decide which model best suits your needs.

NDIS Plan Management

This approach involves working with an approved NDIS provider or plan manager who oversees the spending of funds on services and supports included in your NDIS plan by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The plan manager will work directly with you to manage your budget, coordinate service providers, and ensure quality assurance. Your provider will help you understand available funding, where to use it, and access further services when needed.

The plan management approach is an excellent option for those who need assistance navigating the NDIS but still want to retain control over their care and support.

Advantages of NDI Plan Management:

● You have control over your budget and services.

● You have access to experienced professionals who can help you manage your NDIS plan.

● Approved NDIS providers ensure quality assurance.

● The NDIS provider will coordinate service providers for you.

● NDI Plan Management helps ensure the proper use of funds as per defined requirements.

Self-Managed NDIS

NDIS Self-management gives you more control over how your funds are spent and provides greater flexibility in choosing which services you access. This approach allows you to be the primary decision maker regarding your care, choosing which providers you work with, when and where services take place, and the support provided. It is important to note that self-management will require additional resources such as time, knowledge, and administrative capacity. It is also important to know that all decisions must comply with the requirements of the NDIS.

Advantages of NDIS Self Management:

● You have complete control over the use of NDIS.

● You get to choose your preferred service and provider.

● Greater flexibility in terms of when and where services take place.

● It allows you to use additional resources such as time, knowledge, and administrative capacity.

● You are the primary decision-maker regarding your plan.

Factors to consider before choosing either option:

● Your current abilities and support needs.

● The scope of your NDIS plan.

● Any preferences for how you want to manage your budget and service.

● How much time, knowledge, and resources are available for self-management.

● Ability to meet NDIS requirements when self-managing.


By understanding the differences between NDIS Plan Management and Self-Managed NDIS, you can comprehensively decide which approach best suits your specific needs. With either option, it is always important to work with approved providers who can help ensure that all funding decisions meet the needs defined by the NDIA.

An experienced plan management provider will guide you through this process. You can access the support you need, make the most out of your chosen plan and live life to the fullest. If you have questions about either of the approaches, it’s imperative to speak to an expert.