drainage cell and how does it work 

What is a drainage cell and how does it work 

Atlantis 20mm drainage cell systems provide the best solution when it comes to drainage applications for gardens, construction or sports field across Australia.

This form of retaining wall drainage is exceptionally good at protecting your structures from cracking and leakage. Drainage cells provide a strong structure that is highly effective, and this is reinforced by its lightweight design.

They’re made from recycled polypropylene which is impenetrable to bacteria and soil-born chemicals, and this also makes them easy to install and environmentally friendly. If you have more questions about drainage cells and how they can work for you, keep reading and we’ll break things down.

What are drainage cells?

Drainage cell systems are modern sub-soil drainage applications that use modern design to protect you from typical issues with drainage in an innovative way.

Drainage cells offer uniform surface capability with effective moisture void space to drain excess water. These systems can also be useful in water retention for passive irrigation.

The materials that makeup drainage cell products are made up of recycled polypropylene which is inert to soil-borne bacteria and chemicals.

We rely on the Atlantis Flo-Cell® range because it’s a versatile product that can be used in many ways. The Flo-Cell® is also the perfect application for water-sensitive urban design. It helps to increase the breathability of ground areas and facilitates groundwater recharge.

Drainage cells are a commonly used water drainage solutions for many functions including roadways, highway edge drains, driveways, retaining walls, basement waterproofing abutment drainage, roof gardens, green roofs, sports fields, and saturated ground drainage among others.

The primary purpose of this type of installation is to let water flow freely through it without causing stagnation or build-up of water underneath the surface.

When these drainage cells are installed for vertical applications and wrapped in geotextile materials for added durability, they are meant to ultimately form a drain that is useful, thin, and very obtrusive with incredibly high water-flow capabilities.

When they’re laid down flat in horizontal cases, they become ground drainage systems perfect for rooftop needs.

This offers efficiency, reliability, and longevity, and horizontal drainage cells are quickly becoming the go-to products when it comes to subsurface drainage solutions.

Drainage applications

Horizontal Drainage

Atlantis Drainage Cells are perfect for horizontal ground environments thanks to their long-term durability and resistance.

They were designed under optimum stringent quality control ensuring a high-quality product that will not collapse or distort if used correctly. In horizontal drainage systems, drainage cells will remove excess water while still keeping the right amount of moisture for the ground on which it is placed.

Vertical Drainage

When it comes to vertical drainage solutions, these are products that are ideal for the rapid removal of water at the basement level.

The Atlantis Vertical Drainage system can easily control water seepage for basements, and retaining walls, providing hydro-static pressure relief. This is one of the best modern inventions for modern drainage needs.

Sports field Drainage

This is an effective stormwater infiltration and management system that protects the quality of sports grounds even under wet weather conditions.

Drainage cell systems in this environment can create a system where stormwater is re-used for other uses like irrigation of the surface or otherwise. You can rely on the cells to instantly drain water without drying out the grounds and keeping them lush.

Benefits of Atlantis drainage cells

The perfect drainage system has the capability to drain excess water while still hanging onto the most optimum moisture level. That’s what you’ll get with these 20mm drainage cells and create an environment where you encourage vegetation growth and strength.

This range, and other Atlantis drainage cell solutions, are known worldwide for providing a strong structure that is highly effective when it comes to drainage. Its highly successful results and lightweight design have lifted this product to staple status in the retaining wall application industry.

It has helped our Gold Coast retaining wall drainage clients and partners overcome problems innovatively.

We stand behind this range of products because it ensures a greener future thanks to its ability to reduce urban flooding and conserve water resources. We’ve put together a list of benefits for your consideration below:

  • Drainage cells are very lightweight
  • This makes them easy to install and maintain
  • They’re designed for optimum use in drainage-critical applications such as planter boxes
  • They’re plant-friendly and will create the right environment for more growth
  • Versatile applications whether they’re installed horizontally and vertically
  • Easily customizable to meet project specifications
  • Quick to install and replace when compared to traditional drainage systems
  • No water clogging and all without limiting ground space
  • Resistant to biological and other contaminants

Drainage cell applications

We offer the 20mm drainage cell and it is a lightweight, but exceptionally strong drainage panel which is ready for installation in all of the following vertical and horizontal drainage applications:

  • Tunnels Drainage 
  • Roof Decks, Planter Boxes, Podium gardens 
  • Landfills Drains
  • Sports field Sub-soil Drainage 
  • Retaining Walls
  • Subfloors 
  • Road & Highway Edge Drains 
  • Underdrain system

Eco Sustainable has been an active advocate for these products in this region because they create an exceptionally effective drainage pathway, no matter where they’re installed. We’ll deliver drainage cells that work as permanent non-clogging voids that perform better than traditional systems.

The strong HDPE materials, from which they are made, will not get collapsed or be distorted easily. The 20mm cells allow for installation in several configurations and industry-leading technical capabilities.

They allow for the direct flow of water to the designated outlets and actively avoid the build-up of water and penetration.

The lightweight drainage cells significantly reduce the weight of the structure by around 98% in comparison with traditional materials.

We have been serving our clients with the best green building solutions for many years now and we know what a difference they can make in saving energy and water. Our clients rely on us for consistency and impeccable service, and we have been able to earn the trust of thousands of customers.