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What is a monthly planner?

A monthly planner is a visual planning tool that allows you to add tasks and events to a monthly calendar, in order to correctly manage your time during the month and ensure timely completion of tasks. It can be used by businesses, as an academic planner, by individuals to plan their month, or by multi-member input teams to plan tasks for a given project. You can use a template like Micro’s online calendar planner, a desktop or mobile app like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, to include teammates, who can view and edit events from their iPhone, Android or laptop.

When to use a monthly planner

Monthly planners can be used in various areas of life, the most common being business and personal. In a normal month of any company many things happen: meetings, projects, holidays… Thanks to  monthly planner, a calendar can be prepared either individually or for the whole team to know what has to be done not only so that Do not forget, but to save time and improve productivity.

A full month, or more, in which the tasks to be carried out by the different members of a team will be designated so that the project can be a resounding success. Organizing a monthly calendar can be a time-consuming task at first, but the time you will save in the end by having everything well-structured will be much more. In the personal field it is exactly the same, there are many appointments, events or tasks that should not be missed, be it movie premieres, birthdays or that special event that you prefer not to forget. Not all of us have an exceptional memory, so creating a safe monthly planner can save us from many misunderstandings.

In the business world it is common to use it for teams as a project calendar.

Four benefits of using a monthly planner

An online monthly planner has several advantages compared to a traditional planner: it is more collaborative, more visual, and easier to use.

Bring your planner to life visually

Micro’s online monthly planner allows you to daily goal upload images, such as company logos and icons, to add to created tasks. This makes your monthly planner more attractive and allows you to visualize your tasks more easily from the calendar view.

 Include other team members

A personalized planner allows you to easily tag team members on certain tasks, assign tasks or ask for notes. Give everyone on your team access to the planner so you have a high-level view of what everyone is doing, due dates, and resources needed.

 Leave sticky notes and comments

An online planner not only allows you to assign tasks, but also to receive feedback and update the planner with sticky notes and comments. This turns the monthly planner into a living document that evolves with your project.

High customization capacity

By making an organizer online, the customization possibilities are almost limitless. In the past this type of planners were made manually on paper, but digitization has helped a lot. In Miro, you can customize it however you want, either by adding sticky notes or comments, as we told you before, to get the whole team on the same page, or changing the colored cards depending on the person or priority, adding deadlines, turning those cards into Asana tasks or a very long etcetera of things that will make your monthly planner not only very visual, but also effective and easy to understand with just a glance.

Those who know me know that I am obsessed with getting more assignments done in the shortest time possible. Although I am very digital to organize my tasks and those of my team, I use different methods (I will share the task planner template that has worked for me). A paper notebook to write them down and then I love to cross out the ones that are ready with markers. You don’t know how high it gives me to cross off every task. With my planner templates that I print and use on many occasions.

Everyone wants to be productive, but many may not know how to do it because they haven’t learned how to manage time. For that reason, many applications or tools have been launched that allow you to achieve it, but without a doubt, paper and pencil will be unbeatable to start organizing.