What Should Women Wear During Hajj-Definitive Guides For Women

What Should Women Wear During Hajj-Definitive Guides For Women

Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam. It is performed by many Muslims around the Holy Kaaba during Dhul Hijjah. Among many factors, selecting clothes for Hajj is the main concern for women.

They need something comfortable and breathable so that they can perform Hajj without any irritation and bear the extreme heat of Saudi Arabia. The good thing is that Lottrips provide the best Umrah package from the UK and tips for both men and women.

In this blog, we will discuss the important things that women should take care of while selecting their clothes for Hajj. So let’s begin the discussion. 

Ihram Clothes for Women

Ihram is not just a normal piece of cloth. It is a state of complete sanctity and purity. Muslims must embrace Ihram before crossing the Hajj boundary called Meeqat. The rules of Ihram are different for men and women.

Women are allowed to wear any type of neat and clean clothes but they must make sure that the cloth covers them sufficiently. They need to cover their entire body including their face and hands.

The important thing to know is that there is no restriction on the color of the cloth. However, they are not allowed to wear flashy, colorful, or tight-fitting clothes in Ihram. The basic idea is to wear simple and plain clothes that do not attract anyone during Hajj or Umrah.

The best outfit to wear in this scenario is an Abaya. It can be black or white but with loose fitting. The material of the abaya should be light and breathable. This is because breathable materials do not create sweat in extreme heat. 

Also, the light material is easy to wash. In this way, it will become easy to keep the cloth clean and perform Hajj in a state of purity. However, it is considered good to keep multiple sets of abaya during Hajj to avoid the washing problem. 

The most important thing in an abaya is the scarf. The tight scarfs can irritate in the extreme heat. That’s why it is better to buy the under-head cap for better comfortability. They cover the hair during Hajj and do not make hair sweaty or block the head movement.

Rules about Jewelry 

Women are allowed to wear simple jewelry. They are prohibited to wear the ones that reflect their Royal life.

Footwear for Women

Pilgrims have to walk a lot during Hajj and Umrah. That’s why they need something comfortable for their feet. If they wear uncomfortable shoes, then their feet will start to hurt and they will not be able to continue walking.

In addition, uncomfortable shoes can cause blisters or swelling. The right shoes are the ones that allow air to pass through them so that their feet do not get sweaty. Also, they must have better arch support, sole, and overall construction.

Women are advised to cover their feet during Hajj. Most women do that by wearing socks with slippers. But this is not the best solution as socks can make feet slippery. The best solution is to wear sneakers but not with a large sole. Make sure the shoes are simple and keep the feet safe.

Right Gears to Beat the Sun

The weather conditions in Saudi Arabia are very harsh. Most of the time, the temperature is extremely hot. To avoid heatstroke, pilgrims need to take the necessary precautions. The first tip is to wear mixed fabric instead of pure fabric.

The second is to go for white clothes like white cotton pants, white innerwear, and summer socks. It is also considered best to wear sunglasses to avoid direct sun glare. In addition, to wear items, many pilgrims take Umbrellas with them to avoid the sun’s rays.

It is one of the important things to take while performing Hajj if you can not stand in the extreme sunlight for a long time. The important tip is to take less stuff as big bags are not allowed in Makkah and Madinah.

Prohibitions in Ihram

In addition to selecting the right wear for Ihram, pilgrims need to know what things they should avoid staying in the state of Ihram. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Women are not allowed to shave, cut, or pluck hair
  • It is important to brush hair lightly to avoid intentional hair breakage 
  • Women should avoid nail clipping
  • They are not allowed to wear any fragrance. Also, scented shampoo, soap, or hand wash is not allowed
  • Women can not wear makeup in Ihram
  • Women should use Miswak to avoid scented toothpaste
  • They should not engage in feelings of hatred toward anyone, backbiting, or other vices
  • They must not hurt even a small tree or animal in Ihram
  • Rich and poor are equal in Ihram. That’s why no one should feel superior toward the other..