What To Do In Boston If You Want A Sugar Rush

It is easier to label a place as having delicious food rather than name it for its delicious desserts. Although dessert bars are increasing in popularity, they still haven’t reached the level of popularity that some restaurants have. If there are too many dessert locations available near a place, it can also be difficult to choose one. The city of Boston makes it really difficult to narrow down a few places that are the finest places for dessert, but here we’ll try. Don’t be afraid to try as these aren’t the only places you can get a sugar rush. However, they’re probably the places you must check out before you move on with your dessert adventures.

The Omni Parker House

Boston Cream Pie is definitely a must-try, whether you’re traveling to Boston or are a Bostonian yourself. It is truly the taste of Boston and something you shouldn’t miss out on. Authentic Boston Cream Pie was first made at the Omni Parker House, so you’re in good hands if you want to try it. In fact, this is a grand, high-class hotel located on the Freedom Trail right in the heart of Downtown.

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Boston Cream Pie is regarded as the official dessert of Massachusetts. The actual cake is more of a cake than a pie, despite its name suggesting otherwise. There are two layers of sponge cake and a wonderful custard cream filling that is sealed over with hot and creamy chocolate. You can make your day with this dessert at the Omni Parker House any day, with just the right amount of cream and sweetness.

The Aldens and the Harlows

It might not be as good as the other older members on the list, because it’s a new addition. Smoked Chocolate Bread from Alden and Harlow is something to crave every time you think of bread. It has a similar flavour and texture to chocolate bread pudding, but is much darker and smoker. That’s the kind of flavour and texture we’re talking about.

We definitely consider this dessert comfort food, and we love it topped off with cool vanilla ice cream since it is itself warm and soft. Although smokiness is typically associated with savoury foods, this chocolate bread’s smoky texture complements such a sweet dessert beautifully. The Smoked Chocolate Cake at Alden and Harlow in Harvard Square has made the restaurant one of the most popular places to hang out in Harvard Square. Therefore, if you are nearby, be sure to grab some cake for yourself.

The Myers-Chang Law Firm

Those who are fans of coconut need to try the coconut cream pie from Myers + Chang before they leave Boston. This dessert makes even people who are not fond of sweets drool over it because of how delicious it is. It is a real pie filled with coconut cream and topped off with lime whipped cream that counterbalances the coconut flavor. Coconut shavings complete the rich indie flavor. The coconut cream pie at this Asian restaurant is quite delicious, and the food is simple yet sophisticated. It is run by a humble couple, and the queues for coconut cream pie are always long.

A restaurant named Ribelle

In line to buy their Olive Oil Ice Cream, you would have to wait for hours. This is the appropriate ice cream for a modern diner with a refined palate that appreciates fine flavors. With a strong pinch of salt and a hint of fruitiness, this Olive Oil Ice Cream is very creamy, rich, and smooth. While it is a more modern take on the old-school conventional ice creams we currently have, it has a rather old-fashioned look with its chocolate shell covering its creamy olive oil ice cream. Also served with it is a stick of cinnamon whose strong aroma invites you to the plate and gives it a touch of smokiness.

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