WhatsApp spy

Why WhatsApp Spy Service Is a Mandatory Tool?

WhatsApp is the top leading instant messenger chat app. The end-to-end encryption and trustworthy service make it one of the best tools for an instant chat community. But what if the same tools which are offered for the benefit of its users are plotted against them? Yes, this mere fact may sound shocking to some of you but it’s true. Sick mind people can manipulate any type of useful tool or service in their favour to extract something bad. Features that make it one of the best apps may also become the reason for its misuse.

Technology deserves appreciation. Just because some sick mind people have started using the tool as something bad does not make it a bad tool. Instead, it is mandatory to take protective measures to make the best use of all the offered features. The best preparation is the only key.  Lately, the only best solution to tackle any instant messenger chat app problem is the use of spy apps or monitoring safeties. WhatsApp spy feature is one of the common features offered by most spy apps. OgyMogy one of the best ap offer amazing services in terms of WhatsApp spy.

Tackle End To End Encryption:

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to its users. This type of privacy is preferred by everyone. But what if the same encryption is making things hard for your kid? Well in that case you can simply get the OgyMogy WhatsApp spy and read get the target WhatsApp account data. From chat to call history and more everything is simple to access the user.

Password Encrypted WhatsApp Folder?

Secure the WhatsApp chat folder with a lock or password. Well, this may sound like a cool feature but is not a good option for employers or parents. Company-owned devices should be monitored by employers. Similarly kids these days share nothing with their parents which makes them vulnerable to outsider attacks. Using OgyMogy WhatsApp spy makes things convenient for parents and employers both. The WhatsApp keystrokes can be saved and the passwords can be retrieved easily with the help of the WhatsApp spy app.

PhoneBook Alerts:

WhatsApp has recently improved its calling abilities and relevant features. Now one can make audio and Video both types of calls in private as well as in groups. The number of members on a group call is increased as compared to the previous record. This type of feature is very beneficial in terms of business calls where more people are involved and the important stuff is discussed. OgyMogy WhatsApp call recorder saves all the call logs and call recordings for the user. You can know all the details simply with a few clicks with the OgyMogy.

Remote Access to the Recordings:

Audio recordings can be shared with the end-to-end encrypted chat app. But wait you can even recover that with the WhatsApp spy feature. Listen to all the records and know if anyone is sending threatening messages o your kid. Or are the employees sharing confidential ideas with outsiders through the audio files?

Cancel “View Once” culture:

The view once feature is recently added to the feature list of WhatsApp. The photo or video can be seen only once if shared through the view once feature. OgyMogy WhatsApp spy feature saves all the data shared through the chat on the online portal. You can watch the content shared through view once as many times as you want. This is especially good to recover any sort of proof against the culprit.

Secret Access to All Media Files:

Instant messenger apps are popular because one can share all many types of media files through them. The service is free and data can be shared with the whole world.  This type of power demands a high-end monitoring tool.OgyMogy WhatsApp spy reports about all the detailed events to media shared through the instant messenger chat apps. All the images, videos, documents, audio files and more can be saved and monitored thoroughly task to the OgyMogy. Parents can make sure that no triggering stuff or sexual contact is sent or received by the kids. On the other hand, employers can successfully use these features to remotely monitor the performance of a marketing campaign.

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