10 Features Every App Must Have To Survive In 2022

The world of technology is evolving at a speed that most developers can not keep up with. In such circumstances, it is imperative that the products being formed include features that make their survival possible.

In the context of apps, the features offered can include a variety of options that are not only updated according to the relevant trends but also those that increase the accessibility of the technology being used.

10 Features Every App Must Have To Survive

The following are certain features that every app must have to survive in 2022.

1.     Beginner’s Introduction

Busy schedules do not allow people to spend an excessive amount of time understanding how to work an app and make use of the different services it provides. As a result of this, apps often fail to survive in the market.

It is extremely important that as soon as users join an app, they should be provided with simple instructions which define the purpose of the app and explain how to start its use.

2.     Suitable Interface Design

The main interface design of the application should be suitable. A simple, easy-to-use interface makes the app more user-friendly. Such a design includes access to its main services directly. This can be done through buttons or different pages that explicitly mention what services would be provided when these options are used.

For example, if an interface design for the Muslim Pro app is being created, it can include different buttons for the various features that the app provides. Once a button is clicked, the user is directly led to the service of their choice. A complicated interface decreases the ease with which the app can be used. This reduces the chances of the app’s survival.

3.     User Support

User support options should be present on the same app. Individuals should not have to access other apps or websites if they face any difficulties. Space on the app should be allotted for answers to frequently asked questions.

Users should be able to access these without any hurdles. At the same time step by step solutions to common problems should also be present in the same sphere. A button or a side page can be specifically created for this section.

4.     Direct Chat With Customer Care

While many users may be able to solve their issues with the basic solutions present on the support page, many end up having problems that do not have answers on the site. As a solution to this problem, apps must include a direct chat option in their customer care section. Users should be able to contact the customer care services through a direct chat be it in text form or in the form of a call.

5.     User Security

With evolving technology, cyber security issues are also on the rise which is why it is imperative that app developers take maximum measures to ensure their user’s security. The personal information of the users’ and data of all forms should be protected.

No form of leaks or data theft should be allowed. Several apps have been forced to shut down because they failed to ensure user security. Security testing must be done at every step while developing the app and no loopholes should be left untreated.

6.     Multifactor Authentication

Apart from the developing process of the app, other measures can be taken to increase the security of the users. One feature that apps can include for this purpose is multifactor authentication.

This feature requires the users to provide two or more factors for verification. Due to this, hacking an individual’s account on the app or acquiring their personal information is more difficult.

7.     Search Button

Every app created in today’s time must have a search button. Many developers end up eliminating this feature. Some believe that the overall interface looks aesthetically better without the presence of a search button and some think that the app looks more sophisticated.

However, the absence of this button increases the app’s complexity, making it less user-friendly.

8.     Battery Drainage

Many apps end up using up a lot of battery. While creating an app, developers should make sure that the app does not cause an excessive amount of battery drainage. This is an aspect that users are bound to identify and once they do, they stop using the app.

Battery drainage often becomes a direct reason for making an app unpopular. Apps should include power-saving features that act as a solution to this problem.

9.     Accessibility On Multiple Devices

Individuals often use multiple devices to access their apps. So, the apps being developed should have the feature of functioning on several devices at the same time. Whatever the operating system may be, apps should be created to function simultaneously on different devices.

The user must be able to log in on multiple devices with the same account. The app should be tested for this feature so that it functions smoothly on all devices. Users should be informed every time their account has been logged in on a new device.

10.Data Storage

Apps should adequately store the data of every user. This allows it to present new data in line with the user and create a subjective memory for every user. This also helps keep the app alive as it remains relevant for its current users and attracts more users.


All in all, the app market is ever-changing and it is important that app developers remain aware of all the trends that are emerging and the needs that are increasing. The users’ security should always be kept in mind and every measure should be taken to ensure the protection of their data.

Apps are created to assist people and so the more accessible and user-friendly they are, the more success they gain. The features mentioned above, all add to this. They can all be included to make it more popular and to increase its lifespan in the app market.