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All You Need to Know About Spill Kits and Maintenance

You know your spill kit’s value. It provides fast and direct responses for workplace spills, diminishing hazards for your staff and the environment. Whether you need a spill kit for general liquids, Hazchem spills or fuels, the right spill kit can help you stay safe at work. 

However, like all safety equipment, your spill kit requires some maintenance to keep it effective and ready to use. 

What you Should Do: 

Here are some of the common things that you must do to remain compliant. 

Train Employees in Spill Kit Maintenance 

Spill Kits require regular checks and maintenance. The first step is to train your personnel in the proper maintenance of spill kits, if you don’t know how to do this yourself, you can speak with the experts, such as the people at Spill Station Australia, who can help train you in Spill Kit Maintenance.

Incorporate Maintenance as Part of Your Routine

You can simplify spill kit maintenance by adding it to your company’s ongoing maintenance program. Making it part of the routine is the best way to make sure testing is done regularly.

Conduct Spill Kit Checks Every 3 Months

You should check your spill kit at least every three months. However, in high-risk areas, such as machine shops or mining sites, it may be necessary to do this more often.

Check the Contents of Your Spill Kit

When doing routine spill kit maintenance, you need to check that the absorbents, containment products and safety products are all still present. If you find anything missing, purchase replacements from Spill Station https://www.spillstation.com.au/

Ensure the Spill Kit is in Working Order

To make sure spill kit parts and supplies are in good working order, remove them from your spill kit container and inspect them for signs of wear or use. As thoroughly as possible, check the strength and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Replace Old or Worn Components

The overflow kit parts and supplies are generally hardy. However, some parts may require replacement with age. For example, ‘Plug n Dike’ is a putty sealant that, after a long period of time, can begin to harden beyond reliable use. Thus, checking for old components is a requirement. 

Make Sure Spill Kits are Well Placed

The Spill Kit is designed to be responsive. So if they are not set properly, they cannot function as intended. During maintenance, make sure your spill kit is conveniently located for easy removal.

Check for Rubbish

Despite their bright colours and signage, spill kits are sometimes confused with trash cans. This may result in impeding access to the spill kit. So, when undertaking maintenance, remove any objects that interfere with access to your overflow arrester or its components and supplies.

Don’t Wait

If you don’t maintain the spill kit, you may not know if parts or supplies are depleted. Then, when a spill occurs it’s too late. Don’t let this be you, keep up with maintenance. 

What Happens If I Fail to Inspect My Kit?

In Australia, if you fail to maintain the kit correctly, you can be liable, fined or held accountable by the government if anything goes wrong. If your workers are injured, or the environment harmed, you pay. 

How Long Does a Spill Kit Last?

A good spill kit can last for around 5 years, but this doesn’t mean you should skimp on maintenance. It is recommended that you check on the products inside the spill kit to make sure they are well stocked. If you want your kit to last longer, be sure to store it in climate-controlled conditions, away from exposure to moisture, humidity or harsh weather. 

Spill Station Can Handle It for You

Having a spill kit to prepare for a potential spill or clean up hazardous substances is common for many businesses. However, it is necessary to check them regularly: at least twice a year, but possibly monthly or more often. This will ensure the content works properly and will help prevent accidents or injury in the event of a spill

If you think your spill kits need to be checked or want to undertake an audit, Spill Station offers this for free. Their expert team can look at your workplace and identify what you need and provide the requirements at an affordable price. 

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