10 pro boxing techniques you should know

10 Pro Boxing Techniques You Should Know

If you are training to compete in boxing, it’s important to understand the sport thoroughly, from punching and footwork to the more advanced techniques used by more experienced boxers. Before stepping into the ring yourself, you should know about ten pro boxing techniques.

1. The Jab

A jab is the oldest of all punches and arguably the most important. The jab is used to set up other punches like hooks and uppercuts, or it can be used as a stand-alone punch. It’s a punch that must be learned before attempting other boxing techniques. You can practice with UK boxing equipment from Sporteq. 

2. The Cross

In boxing, the cross is an uppercut punch thrown from the opposite hand of your dominant hand. It’s typically used as a set-up for a hook or to counter an opponent’s jab. The cross is usually thrown with the rear arm but can also be thrown with the lead arm.

3. The Hook technique in Boxing

One of the more complicated techniques in boxing is the Hook technique. This involves throwing your arm around your opponent and connecting with a punch at the side of their head or body. This is one of the most challenging techniques to master, but it can devastate your opponent once you do.

4. The Uppercut

The uppercut is one of the most powerful punches in boxing. It is a short, quick punch that snaps to the chin and can knock someone out cold. Uppercuts are usually thrown when you’re directly in front of your opponent, but they are also effective from the side.

5. The Slip

The Slip is a defensive boxing technique that allows you to avoid an oncoming punch. To perform the Slip, step to your left with your right foot while throwing your head back slightly and moving your chin down. UK boxing equipment can be used to practice the best boxing techniques.

6. The Parry

Parrying is one of the most important skills to learn in boxing. Not only does it protect you from getting hit, but it can also be used offensively to avoid your opponent’s punches and strike back. Parrying is done by bringing both hands to either side of your head.

7. The Weave

The Weave is one of the most fundamental boxing techniques in the sport. It’s a defensive move that can create space, throw off your opponent’s timing and allow you to counterpunch effectively.

8. The Duck

The Duck is a boxing technique that can be used to get out of the way quickly. It’s not widely used in professional boxing because it’s hard to disguise, but it is worth knowing if you’re up against an opponent who likes to charge in.

9. The Bob

Keep your hands up and stay on the balls of your feet so you are always ready to move in any direction. Make sure your hands are high enough to protect your head and chin and shield your face from a straight-on punch.

10.The Circle

The circle is a defensive move that can trap your opponent and set them up for a counterattack. The best way to use the circle is to keep your back straight, your feet shoulder-width apart, and your hands in front of you. Keep pivoting until you find an opening, and then attack with quick punches or kicks.