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3 Things to Know for Planning the Right Lighting Design for Meeting Rooms

To move business ahead, a corporation organises regular meetings to discuss ideas, plans, prospects, and strategies. These meetings are held in conference or meeting rooms, specifically designed for this purpose. To be specific, these spaces are large enough to accommodate all the participants and are isolated from the commotion of the building for a healthy and peaceful discussion. Furthermore, the rooms are fully equipped with the required instruments such as projectors, boards, etc. 

However, there is another thing which plays a crucial role in conducting successful meetings in the conference halls. It is safe to state that a conference room must be equipped with the right set of modern LED lighting to illuminate the room brightly with anti-glare technology for clear vision and perception of things talked about during the engagement sessions. 

Not to mention, focus and productivity can both be significantly increased by using the right lighting. People in a meeting space can remain attentive for the duration of the meeting, regardless of how long it lasts. They can actively contribute to the conversations and make superior judgements.

Here are some optimum benefits of indoor LED lighting in meeting rooms that will make you understand the significance of installing them on your premises:

  • The LED lighting in conference rooms increases concentration and output.
  • Bright illumination in conference and meeting rooms convey a company’s culture.
  • Eye problems and sporadic headaches can be omitted due to the placement of LEDs. As a result, workers can produce well.
  • Optimum luminosity with the right colour temperature is necessary for making presentations, taking notes, and conducting in-person interviews. 
  • They are sustainable, energy and cost-efficient with a longer lifespan.  

Meeting rooms are the spaces where concepts emerge and conclusions are drawn. Hence, management needs correct illumination to carry out such serious discussions with ease.

However, for luminaires to function properly, you must install them in the appropriate lighting design–set up along with considering some essential factors. To help you understand better, we have mentioned some important points to keep in mind while planning a lighting design for meeting rooms. 

The Setup

The first and foremost point to note is choosing the right set-up. Gone are the days when traditional or conventional bulbs were placed at every corner to light up the room. Now is the era of modern and technologically updated commercial office light fixtures to provide uniform luminosity at all levels.

Ultise LED lighting which comes in different styles, patterns, colour temperatures and types not only complements the interior of the meeting room but offers healthy illumination throughout the space. For instance, make conference tables LED-lit from a central location.

Use LED Spotlights to draw attention to a specific region in meetings where the front side is where the speaker is located. In this manner, the main areas of the room will be illuminated.

Take into account the angles of the luminaires as they can make a substantial difference in the output levels of illumination and glare. 

Appropriate Colour Temperature

It is important to consider colour temperatures since they create the environment’s atmosphere and tone. The optimal colour temperatures for lighting in conference rooms are between 2700K and 3000K. Choose cool temperatures between 3500 K and 6500 K for improved concentration in formal settings. 

Besides, the colour temperature of incandescent and fluorescent lights is consistent, whereas in LEDs the colour temperatures can be changed. 

Along with these, make sure to buy luminaires which are flicker-free for smooth video conferencing and manufactured by top commercial lighting companies like Wipro Lighting for quality assurance, easy maintenance and reliability. 

To wrap it up, lighting plays an important role in defining the objects and the space around us. Inspirational working areas are a trend these days and are here to stay for longer. This paradigm shift allows employees, clients, and businesses to blend together in the field of embracing technology and contribute to the development of the economy. 

Be the revolution by overcoming the stereotypical image of boring office spaces by adapting some flexible LED lighting solutions to laid a path for others to follow. Hope this article helped you in getting clear insights about how to plan lighting design for the interiors of a meeting or conference room. Moreover, for specialised guidance and support, you can always look up to the top lighting experts for their personalised suggestions.