5 Prominent Features Of Pakistani Fashion

5 Prominent Features Of Pakistani Fashion

Pakistan has always had a unique culture, and Pakistani fashion reflects this through vibrant colors and native designs that have become internationally recognized over the past few years. These five prominent features of Pakistani fashion help it stand out from other styles worldwide.

Materials of the highest quality

It is important to note that high-quality materials are essential for any fashion designer. The fabric’s quality will determine the garment’s quality and durability. Generally speaking, textiles used in Pakistan are softer than those found in other parts of the world. This is because cotton is grown naturally in Pakistan dress UK rather than imported from others. Furthermore, many different types of fabrics make up a traditional wardrobe. And lastly, natural dyes are used to color these fabrics, which can create rich tones with subtle variations depending on how much time was spent dyeing the cloth.

Bright and colorful

Bright colors and intricate embroidery characterize Pakistani fashion. One type of dress, the Shalwar Kameez, is a two-piece outfit consisting of a long tunic over loose trousers. Women’s costumes often have a shalwar above a kurta or churidar. The kurta is an upper garment with short sleeves that extends to the mid-thigh or knee. It may also be worn as part of men’s attire, typically with tailored pajamas. The churidar is loose-fitting trousers gathered at the waist by an obi and features straight legs cut wide at the ankle. The sari is another popular dress for women that can be draped in many different ways.

Designing with embroidery

Pakistani embroidery is often used to create intricate patterns on traditional clothing. One way this can be seen is in the kurta, a dress worn by men and women in Pakistan. Women’s kurta are typically shorter than men’s because they must cover the legs when sitting. Some designs include flowers, leaves, or geometric patterns.

Designs with extensive stitching

Pakistani fashion is known for its intricate designs with extensive stitching. The beauty in these designs is that you can customize them based on your taste and preference. Some common design elements include embroidery, appliques, and sequins often used to make a garment look glamorous. They also use sheer fabrics such as chiffons, georgettes, laces, tulles and others to create a sense of ethereal beauty.

Pakistani designers also like to incorporate different colors into their outfits ranging from dark purple to bright reds with light browns and yellows. Some other prominent features are their ornate embroidery patterns on blouses or shalwar Kameez.

Culture Riches

Pakistani fashion is influenced not only by Islamic culture but also the regional cultures. Pakistani fashion includes gold and silver embroidery, mirror work, appliqué and reshams embroidery. The traditional dress for women is a shalwar Kameez, traditionally worn with a chudidaar trouser or churidar trouser. Men traditionally wear shalwar Kameez.

A shalwar Kameez is a traditional outfit in South Asia, characterized by a long shirt and trousers. Traditionally, women wear a long Kameez or shirt with loose pajama -like shalwar trousers. Men wear a churidar or shalwar Kameez. This can be worn with an undershirt known as a kurta. An Indo-Pakistani dress reflecting both regional and Muslim cultural identity, it has become popular among Indian women.

Women carry their scarves in their hand when they have to work outdoors because their head cannot be covered due to security issues Pakistan’s constitution.


Pakistan is a country with beautiful fashion and clothing, and the artistry in their dress is seen throughout the world. One reason may be that Pakistan has a rich culture, with many fabrics, colors, and patterns that are unique to the region. Additionally, Pakistan has a tradition of using materials from all over the world in their clothes, which can also give them an eclectic feel. To get your piece of Pakistani fashion, you can check out Pakistan dress Uk online store, which has all sorts of clothing items available.