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Acetic Aldehyde is a hydrogen-deprived liquid alcohol which is derived from alcohol by specific oxidation processes. It is mobile, colourless, and flammable in nature.

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It belongs to the family of compound known as aldehydes, which also includes methyl (he most basic of formaldehyde and acetic aldehyde (which is also known by the name of acetaldehyde). The IUPAC name of acetic aldehyde is Ethanal.

The global Acetic Aldehyde producing countries leading the industry are Germany, Sweden, the United States, France, and China.

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Industrial Uses Impacting Acetic Aldehyde Price Trend:

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Acetic aldehyde’s industrial usage as a solvent in the paper, rubber, and tanning industries have an impact on its price trend.

The substance is widely used in the production of flavouring agents, polyester, cleaners, fragrances, resins, medicines, acetic acid, dyes, etc.

It serves as an intermediary in the synthesis of chemicals. Additionally, it serves as a denaturant for alcohol, a fish and fruit preservative, a component of fuel, and a gelatin hardener.

It is utilised as a precursor to acetic acid, pyridine derivatives, pentaerythritol, and crotonaldehyde. Other than that, it is also primarily employed in the production of cellulose acetate, vinyl acetate resins, and acetate esters.

Key Market Players:

  • Celanese (US)
  • Merck KGaA (Germany)
  • Sumitomo (Japan)
  • Sekai (Sweden)
  • Jubilant Life Sciences (India)
  • LCY Chemical (Taiwan)

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