Alcohol art

Artists Who Have Obtained The Skill of Alcohol Art

Alcohol art is well known because alcohol ink is a very old and repeatedly used medium that was first documented in 2006.

As alcohol ink has been released for around three generations to experiment with, it has been mastered by those who truly indulge in the art industry.

Alcohol ink specialists have evolved various techniques, from realism portraying the natural world to abstract art focusing on tranquil and golden motifs.

Alcohol Art:

The alcohol ink art has captured the attention of a wide spectrum of art fans thanks to its powerful colour punches, use of non-porous surfaces, and capacity to keep an immaculate seal with resin. This work of art is a lovely way to adorn your walls and various home furnishings.

Artists who use alcohol ink are well known for working on various surfaces, including glass vases, jewellery, metals, and useful wooden objects. Regardless of the surface they pour their ink on; the artwork always turns out beautifully.

Let us move on to mentioning some worldwide admired alcohol ink artists.

Alexis Bonavitacola:

In the alcohol ink industry, alcohol ink artist Alexis Bonavitacola is rather active. She is known to not only share her vibrant works but also share and honour other artists and their alcohol art.

She provides free instructions to assist budding painters in learning some of her skills in addition to online classes in alcohol ink painting.

The vivid colours she utilizes in her abstract and representative artwork really put the agility and precision of the alcohol inks to the test.

Charlotte Vale:

Charlotte’s alcohol art revolves around the ‘earthly’ tones. However, earthly tones do not mean that she makes alcohol artworks of nature, gardens, or flowers. Earthly tones are present in paintings that generally have a colour pallet of brown, grey, orange and so on. Basically, colors show off the rocky nature of the earth.

She also uses jewel tones, which are essentially colours like red, vibrant green, orange, and yellow. These jewel tones are not just any vibrant colours, but rather pigmented and shiny colors.

Jewel Tone:

To achieve a jewel tone, alcohol inks are one of the best ingredients as they provide the artist with a much-pigmented ink.

Another ‘tone’ – as one would say – she uses is ‘elegant pastels.’ This is not particularly a tone, however, it is still a color pallet, so it can count as a tone. These elegant pastel tones are precisely cotton candy colors, but a tad bit lighter.

The colours in such a colour pallet are generally baby pink, blue, purple-ish violet and so on. These colors are also meant to be pigmented in order to be portrayed as more than just pastel colours; they are ‘elegant’ pastel colours. Hence, alcohol ink yet again helps Charlotte show the endless possibilities connected to alcohol art.

Lou Jordan:

Lou Jordan is very well known for his double-layered art. His art is a blended mixture of paintings and collages. The paintings are made through the usage of alcohol ink, which is used both as a top base and the bottom base.

Lou Jordan’s art generally revolves around the ideologies from literature, and his knowledge of literature is what influences his alcohol art.

Lou Jordan’s artwork commonly revolves around the ideologies from literature, and his knowledge of literature is what affects his alcohol art.

His alcohol art is one of the most unique alcohol arts because of its backstory.

Lou Jordan’s Alcohol Art:

Looking at Lou Jordan’s alcohol art is like looking at ancient abstract art. Normal people would find it strenuous to understand all that is taking place within the painting, yet those who have attained knowledge about the ancient art of some sort would understand it.

Similarly, people who have at most no clue about literature will never be able to venture deep within Lou Jordan’s alcohol, which is what gives it the uniqueness that it owns.

These were some of the most well-known alcohol artists, and through these artists, one can realize that alcohol art is not something where you just snap out a paper and pen and begin drawing.

It takes time, patience, will and a heart that wants to indulge in the alcohol art community. It’s a process that takes utmost attention to attain the utmost pleasure.