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Best Food and Drinks to Enjoy with Hookah at a Dinner Party!

Shisha smoking is a fantastic way to relax and unwind when you’re among your best pals. During social occasions, shisha pipes can be shared and handed around. Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurants that provide hookahs for use before or after meals are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, proving that shisha and fine cuisine go hand in hand. So your next get-together can be spiced up with a Shisha dinner party by getting hold of a hookah and some flavor-infused shisha to share among guests.

Here’s a well-curated list of appetizing food and drinks that you can try at your next dinner party that can take your Hookah experience notches higher. 

Food Items that Pair up Amazingly with Hookah

We have compiled a list of hookah and food combinations that will take you by delight!

Greasy starters

No matter how alluring the idea sounds, pairing hookah with the right kind of food is easier said than done. Some cuisines don’t complement hookah at all. When picking meals to match with Hookah, avoid oily foods as they may make you feel bloated and ruin the fun.

Spicy Menu

The flavor of the shisha will be lost if accompanied by spicy food, especially if the shisha has a mild taste. This is because hot and spicy meals numb your taste and smell senses.

Finger Bites

Keep drying foods like breadsticks and other knick knacks handy. These snacks work well with Hookah since they are easy to wash off and don’t have a significant aftertaste. Although eating while smoking a hookah may not initially seem like a good idea, the right meal will rehydrate your taste receptors and enhance the experience.

Citrus Food

A water pipe and fruits make a delicious culinary combination. Fruits are a healthy, energizing snack that also keeps you refreshed and gives you energy. Staying hydrated is crucial if you smoke tobacco that contains nicotine since too much nicotine can make you feel dizzy and even ill.


Oriental delicacies go perfectly with hookah smoking, as hookahs are an Eastern invention. Unfortunately, not all hookah bars or homes provide a wide selection of oriental food. We suggest alternatives to pastries, cakes, fruit desserts, jelly, soft candies, and sweet cakes. Chocolate candies are a terrific treat while you smoke coffee because of their delicious flavors. But fruit flavoring isn’t a constant in chocolate candy.

Drinks that Blend Perfectly with Hookah


Some concepts for hookah lounges suggest a more oriental feel. Combining a hookah with a cup of coffee transports you back in time and you realize why this custom has persisted for so long. Ideally, espresso or a cup of strong Turkish coffee is a great beverage option to combine with Hookah, thanks to its bitter and biting flavor. When mixing these two, choose neutral tastes or pure tobacco leaf flavor. The sweet and lingering aftertaste of fruit-flavored shisha is challenging to remove with only coffee. 


Drinking milk might help you eliminate the flavor of hot and spicy meals. Drinking a glass of cold milk with fruit-flavored shisha elevates the smoking experience to a new level, although it may look weird. A drink or another puff will be fresher and more flavorful after a gentle washing with cold milk that gently removes the tobacco flavor. Minty-flavored shisha is another flavor that pairs well with milk in addition to fruity ones. The same applies when using a water pipe to smoke. Milk is the finest beverage to enjoy while smoking Hookah if you want stronger-smelling tobacco.


If you are smoking lighter tobacco, go for lighter beers. The beer might get darker and more potent than the tobacco effect. But, like with all combinations, balance is critical. Tangiers Horchata and dark Oatmeal Stout are excellent pairings for a party. It is optimal to keep them apart if one outweighs the other to extend the pleasure.

Some beers also have tongue-cleansing properties that help to change the taste after a certain point. Every smoker has had a session where the flavor appears flat after smoking. The senses can be revived by drinking something cool after becoming accustomed to one taste for so long. 

Mixed Drinks

Maintain a gentle touch with your shishas and enhance their flavors. The mixed beverages go nicely with hookah sessions if they are balanced. However, the flavors of your drinks may clash if you serve them too strongly. Alternative to fruity beverages include flavors like mint and tobacco. Avoid fruity drinks and aromatic tobacco flavors if you don’t have a flavorful palette.

Middle Eastern Themed Dinner Party 

It is customary for Middle Easterners to smoke shisha, so if you want to keep your shisha dinner party on the theme, a Middle Eastern menu is your best bet. Middle Eastern cuisine is simple to make, so don’t worry. First, prepare dips, such as tzatziki, olive tapenade, or hummus, to get things going. Then, as your main dish, follow up with straightforward lamb koftas (or vegetable skewers). Moussaka, kebabs, and falafel are some excellent options for a shisha dinner menu.

When smoking Hookah, you may spice it up with an alcoholic beverage to avoid that flat sensation on your taste receptors. To enhance the experience, limit your beer choices to IPAs or wheat beers—tobaccos with a more vital, more intensely flavorful woodiness pair well with whiskey and bourbon.

On a Closing Note

The diverse range of shisha flavors such as strawberry, peach, orange, and watermelon will surely spoil you for choice . Skip the dessert course once the main meal is over; instead, lead your guests to the living room for “afters.” The best way to unwind after dinner is to smoke sweet shisha, which serves the same purpose as most traditional desserts: to cleanse the palette. You may get whatever you need at Shisha rental Dubai or shisha home delivery Dubai, including pipes, charcoal, and a wide array of shisha flavors.