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Composite Decking: An Eco-Friendly Choice That Will Make Your Residence Look Ravishing

Composite decking combines leftover wood fibre, recyclable polymers, and bonding chemicals to create smooth-finishing deck planks. Compared to traditional wood decking, composite decks offer more design diversity and require less keeping. Because it preserves accurate and good quality wood and is environmentally benign, composite decking, also called wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking, is becoming increasingly popular.

One of the finest eco decking in Melbourne and minimal impact materials you can utilize to build a stunning deck is composite decking. Recycled plastic and wood are combined in each lineal meter, and these two materials work well to create a sturdy, long-lasting foundation with a high level of sustainability. Due to its construction from recycled plastics like polyethene film, sawdust, and other wood waste products, composite decking is frequently called an environmentally beneficial alternative to some other decking materials. composite decking in Melbourne, produced using cutting-edge methods, aids in conservation efforts by lowering the demand for wood and assisting in the recycling and repurposing of trash that would otherwise go to landfills. A durable, environmentally beneficial building material is the result.

Reasons To Invest In Composite Decking

  • Composite decking in Melbourne price, which is so less, is a fantastic alternative for homes with families who often use their back area due to its structural strength and durability.
  • Composite decking often retains its beauty, strength, and functionality even after years of use and wear and tear from weather events and for everyday use.
  • While treated wood decking suppliers in Melbourne have some noticeable disadvantages, composite decking doesn’t. Composite decking materials, as opposed to wood, need low maintenance and are more resistant to water, UV rays, and impact damage. 
  • Homeowners should carefully choose wood deck maintenance products because some wood stains might release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.
  • Due to these factors, composite decking can reduce the current expenses while worrying about chemical use.

Eco Decking In Melbourne For Furnishing 

You should probably equip your backyard and offer enough seating alternatives if you routinely organize events and socialize there. You may make your backyard more ecologically friendly by finding sustainable furniture solutions that don’t involve buying new furniture, producing extra rubbish, or requiring a lot of resources.

This can be done on a do-it-yourself basis by upcycling used furniture or building seating areas out of composite decking. This can be imposed on your deck as additional outdoor seating or an underground fire pit. We already said that our decking is designed for outdoor use, which is one of the finest composite decking suppliers in Melbourne and comes with a 15–30–year warranty. This will lead to less waste and cheaper long-term costs because it will sustain longer and need less replacement than other furniture solutions.

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Image Sources : Tuffdeck Australia

Advantages of composite decking

An Extended Lifetime 

With a commitment to routine upkeep, wood decking can last 10 to 15 years. Composite decking can extend twenty-five to thirty years or longer with suitable installation, requiring much less time and effort. This brings up our following point.

Minor Maintenance

 Sanding, staining, treating, or oiling are not required for grey composite decking. More time to savour your beautiful outside area.

Not Susceptible To Wood-Destroying Insects

Insects that bore into wood, such as woodworm, wood-boring weevils, and common furniture beetles, are not interested in establishing a home in your composite decking.

There Are No Splinters 

Split-free, safe, kid-friendly close-up of a baby’s hand on composite decking. Nowadays, gardens serve as multipurpose areas for socializing, unwinding, working, playing, and exercising. Composite decking allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about comfort. In bare feet, composite decking is secure. Little feet are therefore protected from cuts and splinters, whether they belong to youngsters or pets.


Unlike wood decking, all of our composite deckings are non-slip. Additionally, it is more durable than wood and will maintain its structural integrity over time. This is so that it won’t deteriorate or become weaker with time or exposure to the elements.

Beauty That Endures

Freshly installed timber decking has a sophisticated, elegant appearance. However, it can quickly appear worn-out and disorganized when left to the whims of nature. Thanks to UV-resistant pigments and weather-resistant surfaces, white composite decking looks just as gorgeous as the day it was placed.

white composite decking


Timber decking raises environmental issues from the beginning of its lifecycle, with deforestation and habitat loss growing more severe with each fallen tree. There are sources of sustainable and environmentally friendly wood. However, the legislation governing such items needs to be revised. Native and tropical hardwoods require severe, possibly toxic sealants and cleansers for maintenance since they are vulnerable to damage from termites, wood rot, age, weather damage, and even termites.