custom flower boxes

Custom Flower Boxes are in Versatile Designs

You can keep choosing any box style for aromatic flowers. We customize adequately to the market standard. You can case flowers in front and tuck square and rectangular boxes. More you can case flowers in two pieces in different shape box. You can also use custom telescopic and two-piece round shape box styles. You can also choose custom flower boxes for flower packaging. 

Custom Heart Shape Flower Boxes:

The heart is the symbol of love and affection. You can say the heart’s shape speaks for itself, the feeling and something unique. People prefer buying heart shape boxes for gifting and inviting purposes. You can introduce our funky color custom flower boxes to them. We have styled it in a two-piece box style. You can choose other box styles, two. We have split up it into three sections. You can select units according to your concern.

Section 1:

You can keep heart-shaped custom foam or cardboard -inserts inside the first section. It is a great idea not to gift flowers inside the box. You can add sweets and chocolates. We also give inner printing options, so the custom heart shape flower box looks colored inside two with PMS color schemes. These inserts protect the delicate chocolates from striking and breakage inside the custom box.

 It’s heartbreaking for the taker if he surprisingly opens the box and gets toured chocolate. Next time the giver will not buy custom flower boxes from your company to ruin his special day. If these are cinnamon and chocolate powder-dusted cookies, you can keep custom butter wrap from spreading cinnamon dust. You can also keep custom butter wraps on up and downside the box to prevent a sweet aroma from spreading. The butter wraps absorb extra moisture and oil, protecting the inner box surface from getting soggy.

Section 2:

In the next section, you can keep letters or invitation notes. We create custom cardboard letters two with stamp foiling. It looks majestic if you write the person or guest’s name with silver foiling. It gives a sunny-shines and goldish color to the letter.  You can go with sparkling silver stamp foiling if you are a silver lover. It looks so pearly on the artistic printed borders.

Section 3:

In the third section, you can keep the main thing fragrant color full of roses and lilies. We do aqueous coating to keep the flower packaging moisture free. The flowers look so pretty and eye-catchy inside the box. You can tie up these flowers with colorful ribbons and strips. You can attach a mirror and other things on the back side of the bottom of the box. More you can tie up the box with ribbons and strips. You can also attach ribbon and Kraft paper flowers on the upper side of the custom flower box.

The Upper Surface of the Custom Heart-Shaped Flower Box:

Appearance matters the most. We choose colorful and funky designs for printing the custom flower box. Also, we write the brand name with embossing and debossing. For the surprising feel, we combine foil stamping with embossing and debossing.

The raised text with foil stamping looks so classy. More we use gloss lamination for the shiny surface. For Fore matte and velvety texture, we go with dull matte lamination. As flowers do natural condensation, aqueous coating is a premium choice for custom flower box lamination.

Keep the Flowers Fresh and Long-Lasting in the Custom Flowers Box:

Are you afraid to keep flowers inside the closed box? Do you want to deliver flowers freshly to the buyers? Flowers could lose their fragrance and freshness if kept inside the box. Flowers always need fresh air to inhale and exhale.

That’s why we make a tiny hole in the custom flowers box. So, your lilies and jasmine don’t lose their color and fragrance. If you want the large hole, we customize it in a cute shape and design, so it does not look bad. 

Custom Bucket Flowers Boxes with Holders:

 Suppose you are not in favor of keeping flowers inside the closed container. You feel the flowers should be decorated on a concave surface. You can use custom bucket boxes to keep your colorful and attractive flowers. We manufacture the down surface and sides of the box with durable cardboard material.

It can deal with the moisture of flowers with laminations and coatings. We keep custom foam inserts inside the box so you can keep flowers vertically in the bucket. Also, you can use rigid strips and ropes to make it easy to carry.