How Can You Customize and Buy Hoverboards? | Segbo

Your devices and gadgets say a lot about your personality. You are truly adventurous at heart if you opt for bold and loud things with bright colours. And while we’ve mentioned adventure, what can be more exciting than a hoverboard? 

You can choose hip-hop Hoverboards or customize your exciting ones to make them more fun. But how do you do it? Here are a few ways you can add a personal touch to your favourite ride:

  1. Stickers and skins

Hoverboard decals, commonly known as skins, are easily available in the market. These stickers and skins come in all shapes, colours and characters, giving you a huge variety.

Moreover, these are super easy to apply. All you need to do is first wipe clean the Segway and then carefully apply the sticker. Apply it evenly so there are no bubbles and it looks good.

  • Painting

Can’t find stickers and skins? No problem! Get your hands on paints ideal for the vehicle and draw a pattern of choice. It could be anything from a cute little bunny to your favourite character from Minecraft.

And if you need to improve with the brush, no problem again, and hire a professional, show them the design and watch them customize your self-balancing scooter as you like.

  • Add Some Accessories

How about experimenting with accessories if you don’t like colours and wish to give your electric scooters a subtler look but completely customized to your liking? You can change the LED lights, the tire’s rim, and more.

There are hundreds of options for when you like to explore. Check Pinterest for ideas or ask a creative friend for help because, with little customization to your self-balancing scooter, you truly get to own it.

Will Putting Stickers on the Hoverboard Damage It?

One of the biggest reasons people avoid customization is that they think the skins and stickers will ruin their self-balancing scooters, which is not true. Hoverboard decals are made specifically for segways, so there is no chance of ruining the paint or damaging the body with it.

Are Hoverboard Paints Different from the Average Paints?

Yes, they are. Segway paints aren’t like the usual wall paint or décor paint. These are specially formulated for electric scooters, so they are gentle on the body. Plus, these paints do not chip off easily or damage the body of the Segway. And when you need to remove it, use a gentle remover.

Paints allow you to get creative and play around with colours and designs. If you are thinking of customizing your self-balancing scooter with paints, go ahead!

Is Customization Expensive?

It depends on what you are using for it. Skins and stickers are cheaper than paint, but paint is more durable. Plus, if you are looking to add accessories, then what you buy and how much will determine the overall cost of your customization.

But rather than getting it done by a professional, it is better to do it yourself as you’ll save a few bucks on it.

Add Your Personal Touch with Love

When you put effort into customizing a device, you certainly get more attached to it. More than just a decoration, it reflects your personality. So, if you’ve been bored of the dull look of your electric scooter, let the creative person within you out and go for it.

Self-balancing Hoverboard are amazing when it comes to fulfilling your short-distance needs. Although you have multiple options when it comes to segways, you can always upgrade your existing self-balancing scooters by adding something fun to these wonderful, modern devices.