How Do Professionals Clean Gutters?

Rain gutters are an important addition to any home, especially in Florida and other surrounding areas. They will take the rainwater that falls from your roof and redirect it to a safe place before it accumulates in the foundation of your house. Beyond this, one of the biggest advantages of rain gutters is their durability, which allows them to last for decades without major signs of deterioration. However, this advantage goes hand in hand with the owner’s commitment to keep the gutters clean of debris and external elements. They’re easier to clean because there are no joints where branches and leaves can get stuck, but traditional rain gutters can also be kept in good condition with the right assistance. Clearly, it’s safer to hire a professional cleaning company, but how do professionals guttercleaning? Let’s see the whole picture.

Is the process very different when hiring a professional cleaner?

You probably won’t go far wrong cleaning your own gutters, since it doesn’t take much effort to find the main areas of attention. All seams should be cleaned regularly to prevent debris, branches, leaves, and trash from getting stuck. The downspout opening is also a common location for obstructions, as well as the bent area preceding the vertical path of the downspout. This information can be easily found online, along with a variety of tips to help homeowners do their own cleaning.

That said, knowing the general sequence of steps and the most important parts of the gutter is not all that goes into an efficient cleaning program. Even with enough practice and the support of an assistant, DIY cleaning is still riskier for those not experienced in the field, especially on gutters that follow multiple angles.

Gutter professionals will know how to master their tools to make the process go faster, usually succeeding in washing the inside of the gutter and all the parts that make up the gutter system. They’ll clean up any dirt that can’t be removed directly and make sure the debris doesn’t find its way to other parts of your home after it leaves the gutters. At the end of the process, your gutters will look pristine inside and out, and it will be easier for you to keep them in good condition for longer.

Professional cleaning tools

Stairs will obviously make cleaning more efficient, even in a one-story house. Regardless of the case, professional cleaners will be equipped with ladders long enough to reach the top of larger homes when needed. Professional tools will generally be long and large enough to ensure maximum accessibility.

To guttercleaning, professional cleaners will use industrial hoes, steam cleaners, and vacuums, often larger than normal tools to achieve greater reach and save time. Since it is made for this specific purpose, all of your equipment will also have a more powerful washing ability overall.

Other tools include disposable gloves and safety glasses to protect cleaners from unknown elements. Professional cleaners will also take care of cleaning up all the dirt, so nothing ends up on your roof or around your house. To do this, they will bring buckets and garbage containers.

How often should I clean my gutters?

The answer to this question may change slightly depending on how much rain your area receives, but most gutter installers recommend doing a deep cleaning twice a year or at least every six months. As we mentioned earlier, a seamless gutter will collect less dirt, so the cleaning schedule may change depending on the type of gutter you have; in comparison, normal gutters get dirty more quickly. Larger/wider gutters also provide more access so can be cleaned in less time than smaller gutters.

Beyond that, you should still check your gutters at least every week for possible blockages; some clogging problems are hard to spot at a glance during their early stages, only becoming apparent when a storm causes the gutter to overflow. If you live in a windy area and/or have a lot of trees around your house, you want to make sure there are no errant leaves and branches inside your gutters, which is a likely outcome if you tend to find too many on your roof.

Gutter guards are a helpful solution to make cleaning less stressful. They will cover a portion of the gutter surface and reduce the amount of debris reaching the gutter system. Rain Gutters Solution can handle the installation of your gutter guards to ensure they don’t interfere with the performance of your gutter. On the other hand, if you want to establish a regular cleaning regimen, our maintenance services are an affordable asset to help ensure the best results.