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How to hire the best PHP developers. A complete guide for employers

In 2023, digital presence will be one of the most crucial factors for the success of a business. A website can help you get customers, keep them interested, and keep them coming back. Businesses can make stunning websites and give customers a good experience by using a variety of languages and frameworks.

PHP is a computer language that helps make websites (Hypertext PreProcessor). Since the epidemic, more people have been working from home, so more businesses are outsourcing website development. This article will talk about the best ways to hire PHP developers. But before looking into how to hire PHP developers, let’s first talk about what PHP is and how common it is in web development.

Why is PHP so famous?

PHP is one of the top ten most popular programming languages. It runs about 79% of the websites in the world. So, what is it about PHP that makes it so well-known? Technically, what makes PHP different is the code in the HTML that is run on a server. This code is sent straight to the user instead of being processed by the visitor’s browser. In this way, PHP is focused on the server side of development.

PHP is useful for making apps that work on more than one platform

PHP is very useful because it works well with the most popular operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, and others. It gives the developer the freedom to choose the web server or operating system that works best for them.

Developers and businesses can both benefit from PHP.

PHP is an open-source language. It is easy to learn and use. There are many PHP developers, so choosing the best one might take work. However, a company that hires a PHP developer can build and maintain high-quality web-based apps and stay competitive in a business world that is becoming more digital. A PHP developer can also be a good investment for businesses that need to build or maintain web-based applications and want to use this popular programming language to its full potential.

How to hire PHP developers?

Here are some tips on how to hire dedicated php developer:

Describe the project

Before looking for a PHP developer, you should know what you want them to do. Documenting a project with precise objectives will help you find the best candidates and figure out how skilled and experienced they are.

Look for relevant experience.

When evaluating candidates, look at how much they’ve previously worked with PHP and web development. Also, look for developers who have made apps that are similar to what you want to make.

Evaluate the technical skills of the PHP developers

Most of the time, <a href="https://easybusinesstricks.com/online-business-reputations-explained/" title="<strong>Online Business Reputations Explainedbusiness managers look at reviews on freelance platforms or the websites of PHP development companies to figure out how experienced PHP developers are. For a discussion with PHP prospects to go well, you need a list of questions.

Here is an example of questions for a job interview with a PHP developer: –

  • How many years have you worked with PHP development?
  • What kinds of projects have you done before?
  • What frameworks and tools did you use to work on that project?
  • What was the most creative answer you came up with for a project?
  • What was the hardest problem you solved when building one of your projects? How did you deal with it?

It can help you understand a software developer’s tech stack and figure out what they find most interesting to do.

Where can you find the best PHP developers?

Here are the best places to hire PHP developers on a contract, part-time, or full-time basis.


Aspired is a remote staffing agency where you can find vetted technical professionals you can trust. The agile method in Aspired helps you by providing a managed team that plans, track, and manage your PHP project. Aspired also saves your effort in recruiting steps, i.e., writing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and testing. All of the developers at Aspired have already qualified for those recruitment steps.


Glassdoor has honest reviews of employees and estimates of their pay. The website also has a job board that helps businesses find workers. You can find and hire dedicated php developer all over the world through Glassdoor.


ZipRecruiter is another site where you can look for jobs and hire people. It puts your job openings on its website and other sites that help people find jobs. For four days, you can post a free PHP job (and have it posted on other job boards). After that, choose bundle if you want to keep using their service.


Freelancer was one of the first places to find experts through crowdsourcing. With just a few clicks, you can hire PHP developers from all over the world. It’s simple. You start by posting a job ad with project details for freelancers to submit bids.


The social network is a gold mine for recruiters and project managers who want to find good people to work with. You can find experienced PHP developers, get in touch with them, and form long-term partnerships with the


You can find PHP developers and businesses through Upwork. The process for getting started with Upwork is based on skill saturation. It keeps the quality high and helps people looking for work find trustworthy professionals. You can post an ad for what you need from PHP in a few easy steps.

Last words

A good PHP developer can turn your idea into reality quickly. After finding the right skills, hire a PHP developer with those skills. You can find PHP developers to help you with your next software project through outsourcing firms, job boards, and freelance markets. On the other hand, if you think ahead and evaluate, you can avoid sour grapes when you try to outsource by hiring remote developers from the best outsourcing agency, Aspired.