Custom Mailer Boxes

How to Reduce Custom Mailer Boxes Manufacturing Coast?

Personalization of your custom mailer boxes is now an important part of attractively displaying and safely transporting your brand product. These boxes are responsible to offer a great experience to your clients and add value to your brand product.

Why Do People Underestimate to Customize Their Packaging?

Let’s take an example of a cake here to answer. Have you ever bought a ready-made cake from a bakery? Was the cost of that cake the same as the cost of that one you customized especially on your wedding anniversary?

The answer is no! That was expensive. Because whenever we customize anything people charge more. The same is in the case of custom printed mailer boxes. People go with ready-made boxes and they don’t like to pay extra to customize their boxes.

What Do People Lose By Ignoring Custom Boxes? 

No doubt you will have to pay some extra amount to get custom boxes. We agree with that. But do you know what will you lose if you will ignore these boxes and go with ordinary brown packaging boxes?

custom mailer boxes

You Will Lose Thousands of Dollars Every Month

Let us explain how;

  • Your product will go unnoticed: Your custom boxes will influence your client’s buying decision. Because these boxes are of the premium quality. If you’ll not use them your brand goes unnoticed and it will decrease your sales. 
  • Your product Security will be at risk: 
  • Custom packaging is made according to your product security demand. Ordinary boxes are not secure for long-distance shipments. Ordinary boxes will cost you thousands of dollars in terms of redelivery. 
  • Reduce your brand growth speed: 
  • If you will not be able to satisfy customers or if they will have complaints about your products then it will not possible for you to make your client’s circle wider. In that case, your brand growth speed will be greatly affected and you’ll lose so much.

That’s why we recommend you go with custom mailer packaging boxes. If you are scared of its packaging cost then relax. We’ve a good news for you.

With the modern technology now we’re able to make your boxes within your budget. Let’s see how you could do it.

Can You Make Custom Packaging In Your Budget?

You can customize boxes and make them in your budget by planning smartly. Here one thing you must understand is that reducing the cost of your packaging production doesn’t mean cutting on the packaging quality.

We have plenty of strategies in which you can make boxes within your budget without compromising on quality.

Whether you are a new startup or a luxury brand, custom boxes are your business’s most loyal partners in terms of maximizing your sales and boosting your business exposure.

Save Money on Packaging Material

If you will go with the optimal material that suits your product packing needs you’ll be able to save a lot. Moreover, a suitable material will also help in making the best quality box to optimize your business identity. 

If you are thinking that you’ll get a premium box only after paying for expensive material then it is not true. The fact is that going with expensive material of high quality will simply add up your packaging cost.

You must need to know what type of material you need first. In the case of wholesale mailer boxes, 

  • Cardboard and Corrugated Material: If you are making these boxes for shipping purposes, you can go with either cardboard or corrugated boxes. As these materials are durable and will not be expensive. 
  • Cardstock Material: Similarly, if you are making these boxes for showcasing purposes, you can make them with cardstock material. This material is good for printing and customizations.
  • Kraft Material: It is also another popular material. If you don’t want to go with a highly customize box and want to impress your customers with environment-friendly options it is the best and most affordable option for you. Kraft is not good for printing but it is both budget and nature friendly.

Save Money through Minimal Designs 

Commonly if we go for customization, we think fully designed boxes look unique. But it is not true. Professional design is always minimal.

People like simple designs more than a complicated ones. Moreover, the benefit of these kinds of designs is they are budget-friendly.

As it will take less time to customize these kinds of boxes. Hence companies charge less amount per box. In this way, you’ll be able to save a handsome amount of money.

Customizations Make Your Minimal Design Cooler

  • Matt and Gloss Coatings: These two coatings are commonly used by brands to give a perfect finishing to custom-printed mailer boxes. These coatings are affordable. Matt coating will give a dull and classy look to your box. Whereas Gloss coating makes your packaging surface look shiny.
  • Silver and Gold Foiling: Silver and Gold foiling is used to highlight specific details on your custom boxes. These two colors represent royalty. If you want to give a luxurious feel to your product you can go with gold and silver foiling. 
  • Ultraviolet Coating: It is another type of coating which is transparent. You can apply this coating to make a specific part of your box shinier or to highlight any specific detail. Moreover, you can apply it with matt coating. You can go with matt coating and if you want to highlight any specific icon or detail over the box you can use UV coating over there. It is also not expensive.

Save Money on Logistics 

Last and the most important thing is logistics. If you are placing your order at an international brand then the delivery cost will be high. 

If you are placing your order at a local brand then they will charge less amount of delivery and you will get your boxes sooner as well.

In this regard, if you are in The USA, you can place your order for Custom Mailer Boxes at Fast Custom Boxes. By doing so you can get everything we discussed above under one roof.

Moreover, our designers and engineers will be glad to work with you on making your affordable custom boxes according to your budget.