Outdoor Holiday Lighting

How to Set Up Outdoor Holiday Lighting on Your Own

Holiday is one of the most special times of the year and what could be better than decorating your home to add to the festive cheer. While you can always buy pre-lit trees and other decorations, there is something special about stringing up your own lights. In addition, outdoor holiday lighting is a great way to show your holiday spirit to your neighborhood!

If you have never done it before, don’t worry. Setting up outdoor holiday lighting is not as difficult as it may seem. With a little bit of planning and the right tools, you can have your home looking festive in no time. So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and let’s get started!

Here is what you need to know about how to set up outdoor holiday lighting:

1. Choose Your Lights

The first step is to choose the type of lights that you want to use. There are many different options available, so take some time to browse and see what is available.

Here are some of the most popular Holiday Lights available in the market:

  • Incandescent lights- These are the most traditional type of holiday light. They are very inexpensive, but they are not as energy-efficient as other options.
  • LED lights- LED lights use less energy than incandescent lights, so they will save you money on your electric bill. They also last longer, so you won’t have to replace them as often.
  • Miniature lights- Miniature lights are a good option if you want to save space. They are small and can be strung together in a variety of patterns.
  • Battery-operated lights- These lights are convenient because you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to plug them in. They are also great for places where it is difficult to get power, such as on a porch or in a gazebo.

Most people in Ohio opt for LED lights these days because they are so much more energy-efficient. Also, since they last much longer, you won’t have to go through the hassle of constantly replacing them.

2. Choose Your Lighting Scheme

Once you have chosen the type of lights that you want to use, it is time to decide on a lighting scheme. There are many different ways that you can string lights. Do you want to string them up around your windows? Or wrap them around your porch? Take some time to browse online or in magazines for inspiration.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing a lighting scheme:

  • The size of your space- You will need to choose a scheme that is appropriate for the size of the area that you are working with. If you have a large space, you will need more lights than if you have a small space.
  • The type of lights that you are using- Incandescent lights tend to be brighter than LED lights, so you will need fewer of them. Also, battery-operated lights are not as bright as other types of lights, so you will need more of them.
  • Your personal style- Choose a scheme that reflects your personal taste. If you prefer a more understated look, you might want to use white lights. If you want something more dramatic, you can use colored lights. And if you want a more fancier look, you can use lights with different shapes or sizes.

If you are still struggling on which lighting scheme is the best for your home, you can always hire a professional to help you out. There are many professionals out there who specialize in outdoor holiday lighting such as Blingle!. Just get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help you out!

3. Gather Your Supplies

Once you have chosen your lights and your lighting scheme, it is time to gather the supplies that you will need. You will need:

  • Lights- Obviously, you will need the lights themselves. Make sure that you have enough to cover the area that you want to light.
  • Extension cords- You will need extension cords to connect your lights to the power source. Be sure to get extension cords that are rated for outdoor use.
  • Light clips- Light clips are used to attach the lights to surfaces such as gutters, shingles, and windows.
  • Ladders- You will need ladders to reach high places. Be sure to get ladders that are rated for outdoor use.
  • Flashlights- It is always a good idea to have flashlights on hand in case you need them.

4. Decide on a Location

Once you have chosen your lights, you need to decide where you are going to put them. One of the most popular place to put them is at the entrance of your home. But the best place to start is by wrapping trees and other large objects. This will give your home an instant festive feel. Though you can also put them around windows, on porch railings, or in trees. Wherever you decide to put them, be sure that there is a power source nearby so that you can easily plug them in.

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5. Hang the Lights

Once you have everything that you need, it is time to start hanging the lights. Start by attaching the lights to the gutters, shingles, or other surfaces using light clips. Then, string the lights along the extension cords to the power source. If you are wrapping trees, start at the bottom and work your way up. When you get to the top, tuck the end of the string of lights under some branches so that it stays in place.

6. Test the Lights

Before you plug in the lights, it is important to test them first. This will ensure that they are working properly and that there are no damaged bulbs. Once you have confirmed that the lights are working, plug them in. Then, walk around and check for any areas that are not as well-lit as you would like. If you find any dark spots, you can add more lights or move the existing lights to brighter areas.

With these tips, you now know how to set up outdoor holiday lighting at ease! Your home can now be the best-looking one on the block. But if you are still not confident that you can pull off your own outdoor holiday lighting, there are always professional services that you can hire to do it for you. They will be able to create a beautiful and festive display that will be sure to impress your neighbors and holiday guests.