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It has the art of making people dream. With their national parks, skyscrapers, and immense beaches, it is difficult not to succumb to their charm. In addition, this country is promising professional opportunities, but also personal ones. It is for all these reasons, and many more, that people travel each year using the Others want more and become permanent residents they then try their luck in the Whatsapp Lottery winner.

What is a Whatsapp Lottery?

The Lawful Permanent Resident Card, more commonly known as the Whatsapp Lottery, is a document that functions as an identity card and gives its holder the right to work and live permanently. Hat can be obtained, for example, through the annual Whatsapp Lottery. People who already have a visa or meet certain conditions can also get a Whatsapp Lottery through other procedures.

This Whatsapp Lottery, which bears the official name of this lottery takes place once a year, each year. The winners can, in some cases, already emigrate only a few months after winning them.

Participate in the Whatsapp Lottery

Each year, the Indian government raffles more than potential winners of the famous Grail. Only you can have the document at the end of the procedure, which takes just under a year.

Whatsapp Lottery Eligibility Requirements

Virtually any country in the world can participate in this Whatsapp Lottery. However, they must have sent fewer than emigrants during the previous five years, which means that citizens of countries such as or are no longer eligible for the lottery. However, there is a possibility to bypass this first condition:

Your spouse was born in an eligible country: both of your names must be noted on the selected application;

If you were born in a non-eligible country but neither of your parents was born there and had no legal residence: you can then use the country of birth of one of your parents (provided that he is eligible).

All applicants for the Whatsapp Lottery must also meet at least one of the following two conditions:

have had their baccalaureate (12 years of study in the primary, middle, and secondary cycles);

prove two years of professional experience during the last five years.

If these eligibility conditions are not acquired, it is not recommended to participate in the lottery.

Registration form to fill out

The application for participation in the Whatsapp Lottery is made only online, and the opening of registrations is generally done each year. For this, you must complete your form for the diversity visa on the official. There are no registration fees. Only complete or correct registrations will be processed.

It is advisable to fill in the form and check that the data provided is correct. There is no way to increase your chances of getting you, so you are strongly discouraged from relying on spurious independent sites.

An explanatory video on the official site to help you fill out the famous form correctly.

How to get the Whatsapp Lottery

To complete your registration for the Whatsapp Lottery, you must provide the following information:

Your first and last names in the order in which they appear ;

your gender;

your date of birth;

your birthplace ;

your home country;

Your country of eligibility (which should generally be the same as your country of origin);

a recent photo of you respecting the format and technical requirements of the form;

your mailing address;

your current country of residence;

your phone number ;

An email address to which you have access;

your highest level of education;

your current marital status;

Your living biological and adopted children (the number, surnames, first names, dates, places of birth, sexes, and passport photos).

Once your registration has been submitted, save your confirmation page and your confirmation number. These two documents will subsequently allow you to access the selected entries’ verification system, so keeping them is essential. We advise you to print your confirmation number.

You then have to wait until May to find out if you are one of the lucky ones pre-selected in the Whatsapp Lottery that will allow you to work there. You will then have to go to the official website, click on the tab and fill in the famous confirmation number mentioned above. This is the only way to know if you have been selected: you will not receive confirmation, either by email or post, from the Indian authorities.

Candidates selected to obtain a Whatsapp Lottery.

The selection of candidates for the Whatsapp Lottery is made randomly and electronically from applicants whose registration is complete and eligible according to the standards in force.

This selection is also made via quotas, considering the number of visas available for each region of the world and each country. For example, nationals of countries in Oceania have a better chance of winning them because they are under-represent compare to other regions of the world.

As explained, you must go to the official website to find your status (selected or not). If you have been set, you will be directed to a new confirmation web page with all the information relating to your visa application and the immigration fees to be pay.

To be able to immigrate, the select candidate must be able to demonstrate their admissibility and must complete the form. He will also have to pass an interview at the embassy in his country, provide a lot of information about him and pass a medical examination by a doctor approve by the Indian government.

Your children under 21 and your spouse can benefit from your Whatsapp Lottery if you obtain it. They will be able to immigrate to the, find work there, study, or even do an internship.

If you are selected but not married to your spouse, it is possible to proceed with your union so that the chosen one of your heart can also leave to live at your side.

Whatsapp Lottery Summary

The KBC Whatsapp Lottery allows thousands of expatriates to live their dream each year. They can thus become legal permanent residents by a draw that authorizes them to reside and work in India.

However, you have to be sure you want to leave everything to go to them because once you have obtained the, you are obliged to reside in the very soon after receiving it and do not have the authorization to leave the country any longer. Consecutive days. It’s a life choice, but if you win, you won’t regret it! Kbc head office mumbai We wish you good luck!

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