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Is “Together With Science Class 10” good?

Every student in the tenth grade requires good preparation to perform well in the board exams. For this, they often practise with sample papers along with the recommended textbooks. However, selecting sample papers from legitimate publications that follow the board’s syllabus and exam pattern is important. They familiarise students with the structure of all three sections of Social Science (History, Geography, and Civics).

Teachers recommend ‘Together With Science class 10‘ as one of the best reference books with multiple sample papers for practice.

This blog will tell you about the benefits of preparing for school and board exams from the Together With Science class 10 reference book.

How Together With Science Helps Students

Social Science is one of the most interesting subjects for class 10 students. However, they often face difficulty in remembering the details of every chapter. This issue is efficiently solved by the ‘Together With’ reference book in the following way:

● All the topics and important events of history are explained in an easily understandable language. It helps students remember accurate dates of historical events, which is crucial to get good grades.

● Geography contains a lot of facts that students need to memorise. Also, practising a map is important to highlight specific features asked in the question. Together With sample papers, explain map construction in a detailed manner. This way, students can perform well in the exam.

● Civics is a very important subject. It gives command over the social system, at the same time, helps score good marks. By referring to this book, students can get a thorough command of each chapter and learn the skill of answering.

● It also provides students with the previous year’s question papers. They can solve it time-bound to find out their strengths and weaknesses. It helps refine their preparation strategy to achieve good marks in board exams.

● Students learn the right manner of answering different questions.

● By regularly solving sample papers, students can improve their efficiency and segregate the examination time for each section. It is also helpful in saving some time for revision.

● Students get familiar with the exam pattern. This way, their stress and exam freight reduce, which further helps them perform better.

Key Points to Improve Science Preparation

Sometimes, students appearing for class 10th board exams may find it challenging to cover all the topics. However, if they follow the tips mentioned below, they can surely get better results in Science:

● As Social Science is a theoretical subject, it is important that you thoroughly read every chapter before beginning your exam preparations. Even if you cannot understand each chapter in depth, it is vital to have a general understanding of every event.

● Prepare your notes and highlight important dates in history. It is important to memorise dates and events thoroughly, as mistakes will directly affect your marking.

● Make a habit of answering questions in bullet points because it makes them look crisp and clear.

● Once you read a chapter, refer to solved sample papers to memorise answers to important questions. Further, it would help if you practised these questions by writing them. This process helps strengthen your memory power.

● Practice maps as much as possible to master them. Make proper use of indexes to highlight different regions. Here you must note that using similar-looking symbols and colours may confuse the examiner. Therefore, you should use easily distinguishable colours and features on the map.

● Regularly solve exam-based sample papers to improve your speed and accuracy.

● Prepare short notes for quick revision before the exam. These notes are vital to cover all the syllabus topics quickly.

● Avoid procrastination on challenging topics because it creates unnecessary hassle and stress as the exam dates are near. If you find a chapter difficult to understand, consider getting help from your teachers and devote extra time to it.

● Do not try to cover everything in one go. Make short targets and move strategically. You may also make a routine where you can study each section on alternate days.


Board exam preparation can be a stressful time for school students. On the other hand, Science is one of the subjects where they can easily score excellent marks if they follow a strategic approach. Together With Science class 10 is one of the best means to pace up the board’s preparations and improve overall performance. Apart from this, it is also necessary to understand each chapter properly rather than just mugging up the notes. You can easily buy books online in India from Get My Books official site.

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