Handlebars are the most important part of motorbikes

Handlebars are the most important part of motorbikes

In today’s modern era, bike handlebars have a unique location. These handlebars not only give the bike a better look but also improve the driving position. The earlier handlebars used to be quite common and could be used on any motorcycle. But today, the handlebar is used by looking at the weight, design, height, etc. of the motorcycle. These handlebars also make our travel enjoyable. 

The use of handlebars becomes even more important when we use them for controls like brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switch, and rearview mirror. Handlebars not only provide the right balance but also reduce or eliminate the vibrations that make riding a bike difficult. There are many different sizes and designs of handlebars on the market today, but we cannot use all of them in all vehicles. The main reason for this is the size, weight, and infrastructure of the vehicles. Today in this article we will talk about these issues, which are also very important.

If we are talking about the handlebar of the bike, then it is also necessary to know what is the size of the handlebar in general? A standard handlebar that is commonly used should be 1″ or 7/8″ in diameter. The length from one grip of the handlebar to the other is estimated at 770mm to 940mm and the radius is 22mm or 32mm. Also, some larger size handlebars are found in the market with the measurement of 32mm or 44mm approx. One should also check the spacing of the risers on a handlebar, which varies from design to design.

Types of handlebars for motorcycles –

Here are the types of handlebars that determine which type of handlebars we should place according to our use.

Flat handlebars –

These types of handlebars are generally very straight, which were used in modern-era motorcycles as well. These range from 2 and 10 degrees and lean back slightly towards the rider. Their standard pair width is about 580-600 mm. which proves to be very comfortable for normal driving and gripping.

Bullhorns Handlebars –

This type of handlebar has a U-shape structure that curves at the front. Also located at the ends. Which are mainly used on sports bikes. According to their structure, their diameter and size differ from other handlebars, which also depend on the design of the motorcycle, whether they can be fitted or not.

Z bar handlebar

The z-bar handlebars, primarily found at 28″ wide end-to-end, with a center width of 9.25″, are widely used in Indian markets today. Primarily, it provides the user with a comfortable riding posture while providing adequate steering input. They are widely used in cruiser bikes or long-travel bikes.

H type handlebar

These are H bars that come in a particular style and series. They can be swept back at a 45-degree angle, which is the main feature that sets these handlebars apart from other designs. Most models have a distinctive loop design in the middle, as well as extending up to 0.5-in.

Clip-on handlebar

Clip handlebars are a common type of handlebar found on the market with two separate pieces. These bikes are primarily designed to provide aerodynamic comfort, due to which the rider has to lean forward slightly. Its design is quite innovative, which is actually used in cruisers, cafe racers, and other styles of bikes.

Drag handlebars

The drag handlebars are mainly smaller in size, due to which the rider gets a forward-leaning posture. These provide high maneuverability along with providing aerodynamic benefits to the rider. It is also known as a zero drag handlebar. Generally, they are also used in sports, cruiser-type bikes.

Thus, looking at the different designs and their basic sizes, it can be said that not all handlebars are ideal for all bikes, but when we looked at the types of handlebars, it was also understood that some are long in length, which means that not all handlebars will be suitable for bikes with 125 cc, 150 cc, or less power, commonly used in India, as such bikes have different handle diameters which can be easily used for a larger or different diameter handlebar. would not be possible to do.

But there are also some bikes in which the facility for modification of the handlebar is given, in which there are bikes like sports and cruisers, in which there are some handlebars which can be fitted according to their needs. In this way, in this article, it is possible to learn about bike handlebars and how it is possible to use them on a bike. Apart from this, there are many accessories that are used in our daily life, including bike accessories. In relation to this, much interesting information is made available through the blog on the official site of Carorbis, from where you can also purchase them.

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