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Pacific Regions are Suitable for Solar Power Generation

Prefectures with large amounts of annual power generation are mainly citys such as faislabad and ,lahore and areas along the Pacific Ocean such as karachi and gilgit. Solar manufacturer in Pakistan in particular tend to generate more than 10% more power annually than other regions, making them well-suited for solar power generation.

On the other hand, in the northern regions on the Sea of ​​Japan side, annual power generation tends to be 10% to 20% less than in Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures. It is necessary to increase the power generation efficiency by devising the selection of solar panels and the installation angle.

Some areas in Hokkaido are suitable for solar power generation. Places where the temperature rise in the summer can be suppressed and places where the rainy season is short or non-existent can be expected to generate a certain amount of power, so these are areas that should be noted for solar power investment.

When you want to increase the amount of annual power generation, it is important not only to focus on the southern region, but also to check the details such as the sunshine hours on the Sea of ​​Japan side and the Pacific Ocean side, the temperature in summer, and the period of the rainy season.

Large Land Area

A large land area is an important point for installing a solar power plant.

In order to install solar panels for industrial photovoltaic power generation, a site area of ​​about 10 to 15 m2 is required per 1 kW of output. In other words, a land with a site area of ​​100 to 150 m2 for 10 kW output, 500 to 750 m2 for 50 kW, and 1,000 to 1,500 m2 for 100 kW will be compared.

Also, if you want to introduce solar power generation with an output of 50 kW or more, it is important to check whether it is possible to install a cubicle.

Lots of Flat Land

In general, flat land and land with few steps are suitable for installation and operation of solar power generation.

Solar power generation installation on flat ground can save time and effort for construction work.

On the other hand, if you purchase land with forests or slopes, you must request construction work to clear the mountains and flatten the slopes. In addition, the land is not suitable for solar power generation in terms of cost, as the cost of construction work will be burdened.

When looking for land suitable for solar power generation, it is recommended to investigate from flat ground as much as possible.

Sunny Land

Land with good sunlight is suitable for solar power generation.

Areas surrounded by mountains, forests, buildings, and houses tend to block sunlight, which may affect power generation efficiency. On the other hand, in areas with few obstacles, shadows are less likely to form on solar panels, and power generation efficiency can be improved.

When examining land, it is important to carry out a field survey and check the surrounding environment.

Land with Less Risk of Salt Damage

Land with less risk of salt damage is suitable for solar power generation.

Areas near the sea may suffer salt damage from sea breezes. Various parts and equipment such as solar panels, mounting frames, and wiring are subject to damage such as rust and corrosion due to salt damage.

Investigating inland areas that are less susceptible to salt damage is an important point in finding areas suitable for solar power generation.

There are regions in Japan that are suitable for solar power generation!

There are many regions in Japan that are suitable for solar power generation. The Pacific Ocean side and inland areas are expected to have high power generation efficiency due to sunshine hours and temperature. Also, even in areas where it snows a lot, if the rise in summer temperatures is suppressed, we can expect a return to profitability or a certain reduction in electricity costs.

If you are looking for areas suitable for solar power generation or want to know points to note when looking for land, why not consider looking for land for solar power generation with reference to this article?

In addition, when you cannot secure the time to search for land due to work or housework, or when to want to save the trouble of searching for land, it is recommended to consider second-hand solar power generation.

One of the attractions of a used solar power plant and Best Solar Panel company in Pakistan is that it is a so-called land-based solar power plant and you can check the actual value such as the power generation performance.

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