Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

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The Use of Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

Double wall corrugated boxes are perfect for packaging and protecting your products from damage. They are made from a specialized machine that cuts and folds sheets of paper into box sizes. These boxes are ideal for long-term storage, shipping, and transporting various products. 

However, the quality of these boxes can vary significantly.

In general, corrugated boxes are made from one or more layers of Kraft paper. The thickness of the cardboard is different for single-wall and double-wall versions. This provides a number of advantages, including superior mechanical support and a high level of puncture resistance.

Single wall corrugated boxes are cheaper and are used for lightweight products. They are also inexpensive for small retailers, who often purchase inexpensive corrugated boxes to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Use of Double wall corrugated boxes

Double wall corrugated boxes are more expensive than single wall versions, but they offer higher rigidity and better padding. They are also very durable and can be used for heavier products. For example, a double wall box can hold a maximum weight of 275 pounds.

Double wall corrugated boxes are generally made with two layers of fluting. Each of the two flutes is glued between two kraft paper sheets. A fluting layer adds rigidity to the wall of the box, which helps prevent the board from collapsing.

 Many types of adhesives, coatings, and treatments are available to ensure the highest level of protection.

When selecting a corrugated box for your next shipment, it is important to consider your product’s weight, the amount of space required, and the durability of the box’s design. A box with a heavy duty design is recommended for long-term stacking storage, while a smaller, lightweight version is suitable for quick, frequent transport.

Corrugated boxes can be purchased from a wide range of suppliers. Some manufacturers, such as Asian packaging, offer wholesale double wall corrugated boxes.

Why did we choose Double wall corrugated boxes?

The demand for double wall corrugated boxes is expected to increase over the next few years, especially in Asia-Pacific. Increasing demand for food and beverage products is driving the market’s growth. Also, growing concern about the environment is causing companies to look for alternative materials for their packaging.

Another major factor driving the growth of the double wall corrugated box market is the rise in the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Many consumers are worried about the amount of carbon footprint that their purchases are creating. As a result, manufacturers are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint while keeping their prices competitive.

However, some things could be improved in developing the double wall corrugated box market. Specifically, the cost of raw materials is a large restraint. In addition, the availability of alternative materials, such as plastic, can hinder the market’s growth. Additionally, size constraints are another major factor cited as a challenge for the double wall corrugated box market.

Why We Need a Double Wall Corrugated Box

A double wall corrugated box is a durable and secure way to package and transport goods. They can be used for many different types of products. These boxes can be made from recycled paper, test paper, or semi-chemical paper. 

There are two main varieties: 

Single wall and double wall. Choosing the right type is essential if you want your product to arrive in perfect condition.

The best type of corrugated cardboard box is the one that is strong enough to keep its shape in a lorry yet thin enough to protect your goods. Double wall boxes provide superior protection against compression, moisture, and shock. This makes them ideal for shipping, retail, and storage purposes.

Single wall boxes are mainly used for lightweight items. For heavier items, double wall boxes provide the strongest support. They are also great for long-term stacking. However, they can cost more than single-wall cartons.

As a result, some retailers prefer to use larger shipping cartons for their smaller items. Some brands are interested in eco-friendly packaging. 80% of companies understand that packaging is an important part of their business.

Generally, corrugated boxes are based on pine pulp, which means they are biodegradable. Depending on your needs, you can purchase custom-printed corrugated boxes for your business.