P&S Logistics: Australia's Leading Car Company

P&S Logistics: Australia’s Leading Car Company

Have you heard about P&S Logistics? If not, then I can say you are new to Australia or from some other country. P&S Logistics is the most famous vehicle transport services provider in different parts of Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, etc.

We are 10 years old company with the utmost professionals having up-to-date industry knowledge. We also work in strong partnerships and offers transport services like interstate car transport in Australia, car carriers in Australia, car transportation, road transport, car towing, car shipping, car hauling, car removal, car freight, car logistics, motorbike transport, and jet skis.

Now, let’s talk about the above-mentioned P&S Logistics vehicle transport services:

Road Transport Service by P&S Logistics

Road transport is cheap and it is available almost in all states or big cities. Road transport means transportation of your vehicle or car from one place to the other or from one city to another by road. Transporting your car by road is a very much responsible task.

P&S Logistics has all the logistics necessary for road transport. We have top-class professional road transportation drivers and a management team to safely and securely deliver your vehicle on time.

Interstate Car Transport Service by P&S Logistics

Why do you need an interstate vehicle or car transport? The answer is simple, most car transporters do not provide interstate vehicle services. P&S Logistics is proud in this regard because we have been serving Australians for a decade.

Now, can easily move your vehicle from one state to another by P&S Logistics interstate car transportation service across Australia at any time. Our interstate transport includes motorbike transportation service from door-to-door and depot-to-depot. Moreover, our interstate car transport service is all over Australia, so it’s upto you where you want to deliver a vehicle.

Car Shipping Service by P&S Logistics

Shipping your car or vehicle on your own is a bothering and time taking task. Not everyone has so much time to ship his or her vehicle that may take several days. P&S Logistics has been in the business for over a decade and we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are committed to shipping your vehicle or car on time.

When booking your appointment with us, you have two options: door-to-door and depot-to-depot shipment. So, choose wisely. Also, our services are affordable and trustworthy. We fulfil our commitment at any cost of car shipping service in Australia.

Car Freight Service by P&S Logistics

Frankly speaking, car freight services are expensive as compared to other car services. P&S Logistics offers affordable car freight services in Australia. Keep in mind that car freight cost in Australia depends on different factors such as vehicle size, the distance between vehicles, how far or close the location and the cost of fuel. Also, car freight delivery time can be disturbed by weather conditions, rainfall and flood.

Car Towing Service by P&S Logistics

It is our pride that we offer various transport services in Australia which is not an as easy task as it seems. Car towing is to remove your old, damaged, and unwanted vehicles or cars from your garage or where you have parked. It is indeed a very technical job to pick old, damaged or unwanted cars but do not worry P&S Logistics will take care of everything.

Car Carrier Service by P&S Logistics

You know Australia is a large country having less population. Sometimes you will drive for hours and you do not see any shop, market or place to stay. Unfortunately, sometimes people face car accidents or something else and they need a car carrier on a far road in Australia. That is the time you will need us and we will be there for your services. Our car carrier service is one of the busy services customers needed in different parts of Australia like Melbourne and Sydney.

Here, a question will arise in your mind why select P&S Logistics? Our answer is based on the following point:

P&S Logistics is 10 years old car transport company in Australia.

We are licensed, insured and bonded.

We have a team of a professional whose experience speaks for itself.

We are affordable means not too expensive and not too cheap.

We offer our transport services in various states of Australia. Lastly, we are available 24/7.