Reasons Why GIIS is The Best Montessori School in Tokyo

Kids in the early years should be nurtured in a safe and sound environment. As parents, it’s our responsibility to take care of our children and their education. GIIS gives your child (or children) a safe and sound environment with the best education. GIIS is the best school in Tokyo for your kid’s Montessori education.

Why is GIIS the best Montessori school? 

  1. Montessori School Curriculum

GIIS follows a holistic educational approach. This holistic approach is designed to make students excel in all aspects of school and life. Their 9GEMS model allows students to perform better in studies and other school activities as well. This holistic approach helps kids develop skills, abilities, and personalities. 

The curriculum instils confidence and enhances the intellectual capabilities of the students. GIIS mainly focuses on enhancing kids’ language fluency, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 

GIIS believes that every kid is unique and helps them by taking special care of them individually. The school’s curriculum develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the students. The school offers a value-added program for Montessori school  kids called STEM, where kids get to learn more about science and technology.

  1. School Activities

GIIS gives equal importance to both studies and other school activities. The school also focuses on students’ physical fitness, which should be a top priority for kids of that age. The school organises creative activities to help students enhance their creative thinking abilities.

The school also emphasises students’ socio-economic skills. The activities help students develop their teamwork, management skills, ethics, and values. The activities also encourage students to grow individually. These activities are done both inside the class and outside the class. 

  1. Faculty and Facilities

The school’s teaching faculty is well-trained and experienced in authentic Montessori education. The faculty is also trained in modern teaching techniques, as GIIS emphasises 21st century education. 

GIIS takes full responsibility for providing a safe and secure environment for its students. The school also involves parents in the kids’ school lives. GIIS believes that parent involvement helps develop communication and a relationship between the parents and the kids. The school organises various activities like meet-and-greet sessions, orientation sessions, parent-teacher meetings, and more. 

GIIS is a tech-savvy school. The classrooms are fully digitalized. The school has a dedicated IT laboratory where kids start their computer education at an early age. Besides, the school also has a fully dedicated maths lab and science labs to help students kick-start their education practically by doing experiments. 


In a nutshell, GIIS nurtures your child to achieve overall excellence. Their holistic approach helps your kid develop skills and abilities. Children of that age should be nurtured in a safe and secure environment, and GIIS takes the utmost responsibility in providing that environment for the children. 

The school’s curriculum is unique and a proven framework that has helped many students excel in all aspects of the school. The teaching faculty goes through an 80-hour upskilling period every year. And last but not least, the school has tech-savvy classrooms and laboratories to teach kids practically.