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Buying a new gaming laptop is a big decision, especially if you’re looking to spend more than a few hundred dollars. That’s why you need to know which models are the best, as they can make or break your gaming experience. Here are five of the best laptops for gaming in 2022.

Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G Laptop Review

Designed for those who need a laptop that is sturdy and durable, Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G is a solid all-rounder. It is priced at around 900 euros. It offers a range of features and is available in two configurations. The SF315-41G offers a 15.6-inch Full HD display with IPS technology, a brushed aluminum deck, and a fingerprint scanner.

The Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G features AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700U processor, which offers extra processor speed and power efficiency. It also has a dedicated AMD graphics unit for limited gaming.

The display is a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel with a good color accuracy and viewing angle stability. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

The Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G weighs a little over two kilos. It is designed to offer a premium aesthetic, while providing solid performance. It also has a fingerprint scanner and a range of ports. It can support up to 30 Chrome tabs. It also comes with an HDMI 2.1 port and a USB Type-A port. It also includes a 256GB SSD card.

The battery life on Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G falls short of the average mainstream laptop. It can last for around six hours when playing games. However, it can last for up to nine hours when used for normal tasks.

The Swift 3 SF315-41G has a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. It has a backlit keyboard and a dedicated graphics unit. It also features AMD’s Raven-Ridge APU.

dell precision 17 7730

Designed for professional users, the Dell Precision 17 7730 is a portable workstation. Its design is a combination of portability, high performance and class-leading graphics.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 features a 17.3″ UltraSharp Anti-Glare, UHD IGZO display. The display offers a theater-like viewing experience. The brightness of the 4K panel produces vibrant, rich colors. Dell Precision 17 7730 also has a dedicated AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 GPU.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 is also packed with some great cooling design features. It’s built with lightweight premium materials such as anodized aluminum and carbon fiber. In addition, the Precision 7730 has aggressive dual vents. It also has a thin LED battery indicator on the front lip. The Precision 7730’s keyboard is also comfortable. Its keys are backlit and have TrackPoint style cursor pointers.

LG Gram

Whether you’re a gaming fanatic or a productivity junkie, you’ll find a lot to love about LG Gram gaming laptop. It’s a sleek design that offers all the bells and whistles. You get a large screen and a fast processor. Its durable design means you can count on it for years to come.

LG Gram is a Windows 10 laptop that is surprisingly durable, thanks to a combination of a Nano Carbon design and metal alloy. LG is known for its quality control, and this laptop is no exception.

The LG Gram is made up of a magnesium alloy and it shaves some weight off of the average laptop. In fact, LG Gram is one of the lightest 17 inch laptops on the market. The body weighs in at a mere 1.3 KG.

MSI P65 Creator

Designed for creators, the MSI P65 Creator is an ultra-hizli gaming laptop that features a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card. Whether you’re creating feature films, broadcasting games, or enhancing online videos, the P65 Creator is a perfect tool for you.

The P65 Creator has an impressive 15.6-inch display, with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. The display features a 144 Hz refresh rate, providing smooth visuals even when you’re gaming. It also comes with a built-in fingerprint reader, which can be activated by simply tapping the top left corner of the touchpad.

Besides the fingerprint reader, MSI P65 Creator also features a number of other modern features. For instance, the laptop comes with an anti-fingerprint coating, which will keep your fingerprints from clogging up the system. The P65 Creator also includes a security lock slot. It is also equipped with two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack.

Gigabyte AERO

Gigabyte’s AERO brand includes a variety of gaming laptops, aiming to bridge work and entertainment. In particular, the brand’s AERO 15X gaming laptop is built with a 6-core processor, i7-8750H. It also features the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics chip with Max-Q.

The AERO brand’s aesthetics are more refined, and the lid’s orange highlight has been removed. Additionally, the Aero 15’s chassis is now more portable than many 16-inch gaming laptops.

The Gigabyte Aero 15 features a 15.6-inch, 3840 x 2160 resolution Samsung OLED display. This panel provides an 89% screen-to-body ratio and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. It also received X-Rite Pantone certification. This certification ensures that the display is factory-calibrated and meets color standards.

The Aero 15 is also equipped with a high-performance 94Wh battery. Its chassis is 0.88 inches thick, making it feel more portable than the average 16-inch gaming laptop.

Razer Blade Pro

Designed as a gaming laptop, the Razer Blade Pro has a number of high-end features. It has an ultra-low profile, a 17-inch 4K IGZO display, a 2TB hard drive, 16GB of RAM, and a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor.

While the Razer Blade Pro is not as cheap as its counterpart, it is still relatively affordable compared to other high-end gaming laptops. The Blade Pro has the same Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics chip as the Blade 14, but it is powered by a slightly less demanding GeForce GTX 1060.

The Razer Blade Pro also has a 256GB Samsung SSD, which provides high-performance storage. Its quad-core Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor starts at 2.6 GHz, and it can overclock to 3.5GHz. Its 16GB of RAM is enough for most tasks. It also has a full-sized HDMI output.