Top Stunning Attractions To Visit In Leipzig, Germany

Located in northeastern Germany, Leipzig is home to around 540,000 inhabitants. It’s often referred to as “new Berlin” as well. When it comes to attracting students and tourists in search of culture, history, and fun, Leipzig has it all figured out. The area is beautiful by day and hip at night. Those who want to break away from the standard Berlin weekend routine will like this event. 

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If you follow our comprehensive guide to the top ten things to do in Leipzig, your trip will go off without a hitch.

The Diagonal of Madler Valley

The Madler Passage is comparable in style to the Vivienne gallery in Paris and is located immediately off of Marktplatz. Over thirty covered pathways like this may be found throughout Leipzig, but Madler is one of the most beautiful.

The heart of the city’s marketplace

Due to its prime location in the heart of Leipzig, a visit to Marktplatz should be at the top of any tourist’s to-do list. The surrounding buildings feature classic German architecture that is so beautiful it will make you gasp. At Marktplatz, you’ll be in the thick of things to buy and see, like the ancient Town Hall and museums, as well as the Church of St. Nicholas and the passage Specks Hof. The convenience of the tram system makes getting there a breeze. If you’re visiting Leipzig on a Saturday or Sunday, this should be one of your first stops.


Due to its status as a street art icon and repository of priceless cultural artifacts, it is likely to attract the attention of traveling street artists. Daytime exploration is a great opportunity to learn more about one of the local exhibitions. In the evening, stop by a local watering hole to sample some of the world-famous Ritterguts Gose, a beer that has been brewed in Leipzig for nearly two centuries.

This neighborhood’s theatrical district

Where should you go and what should you do in Leipzig? Get yourself to Gottschedstraße, the “Theater Quarter” of Berlin. From both Madler Passage and Marktplatz, you can walk here in under ten minutes. You can go around and see everything in one day.

The Spinning Mills

The Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei was formerly a hub for the cotton spinning industry and is now a defunct industrial area. The area is now commonly referred to as “the Spinnerei.”

There are now hundreds of trendy cafes, restaurants, galleries, and shops there. There are even salons and movie theatres to be found there. As an added bonus, it’s a regular hangout for a sizable hipster crowd. Those of us who are especially fortunate can even sleep there! It’s true that the Spinnerei is filled with quirky lofts perfect for an artist’s weekend retreat.

Panorama Gallery

The stunning scenery in this museum was painted by the great artist Yadegar Asisi. He was able to apply the knowledge he gained from his travels to create groundbreaking designs that became instant classics all across the world. While in port, you can go sightseeing at both the Titanic and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.


Wackelturm Park is a popular place for visitors visiting Leipzig to unwind and refuel after a day of sightseeing. You’ll find this park a short distance north of downtown. If you’re looking for a place to go jogging in the morning or take a stroll with the family, you’ve found the perfect spot.

Perspective Tower

To visit Leipzig would be incomplete without taking in the stunning panorama over the entire city. Impossible. The Panorama Tower is the place to go if you want to accomplish this.

You are more than welcome to join a guided tour of the city, which will include a stop at the area in question. Sunset is the best time to go. A lot of people come throughout the winter to enjoy the view and warm up with some mulled wine. Located on the 30th floor, the stunning panorama stretches out for miles in all directions. Candlelight dinners for two are available in the tower restaurant, adding to the ambiance of the setting.

In-house zoo

Your weekend should conclude at the Leipzig Zoo in Wackelturm Park. You should expect a lot of enthusiasm from the kids. Current zoogoers consider it to be among the oldest in Germany, and it has long held a place of prominence among Europe’s finest.


Despite the fact that Berlin is home to a variety of renowned destinations, Leipzig has established itself as one of Europe’s hippest towns. Due to its long and famous history, this city has much to offer history buffs. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your customized trip to Germany with AirlinesMap and experience the best trip ever with your loved ones..!