Types Of Kurtis And Where To Wear Them

Types Of Kurtis And Where To Wear Them

The variety of kurtis available is so great that most of us haven’t even tried them all. Each of them has a distinct meaning and dramatically alters how you look. The kurti has developed into a piece of clothing that every woman’s wardrobe must include. Since Kurtis may be worn in a variety of situations, it would be ideal to have them all in your collection. Despite certain similarities in design, there are differences in pattern and styling. A woman can wear the kurti to a wedding, college, the office, parties, and many other events. Some types of kurtis are given below:

Dhoti kurti

Originally, males wore the dhoti as their customary clothing. The ready-made Dhoti pants then evolved into a woman’s fashion item as the women accepted it as an integral component of their clothing. The Dhoti might take the form of a saree, frock, gown, or kurta. You can dress for different events by having a variety of clothes thanks to having a lot of these pants. However, the Dhoti Kurti is the most popular style. Its creative cuts and drapes accentuate the feminine curves. This festive Kurti can be worn with or without bottoms and tights. Avert wearing jeans, skirts, and palazzo bottoms as well.

Shirt style kurti

The shirt’s design women choose to wear kurtis because they are both comfortable and fashionable. Additionally, it is the simplest to style and is the ideal fusion of traditional and contemporary women’s clothing. Kurtis in the shirt style are ideal for casual wear but should not be worn to formal events like parties since they may appear too casual or unfussy. Additionally, they look great with jeans, leggings, or any other style.

Floor length kurti

This kind is similar to a gown. This style of Kurti is a great option for events like parties or social gatherings, but choose one with a straight cut and no sleeves to make it appear less bulky.

Flared kurti

Indian fashion has been ignited by the flared kurta. In the Indian fashion business, the Anarkali style Kurti has also established itself. For the party or celebration you’re going, the flares in this outfit give you a sparkling, wealthy appearance. Depending on the body shape and height of the person, the flares might be either wide or narrow. As a result, tall women appear better with a flared hemline than do tiny women. This can also be worn without bottoms or with churidar bottoms, ankle jeans, and an ethnic jacket.

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