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What are Instagram guides? How do you use them Instgram ?

What are Instagram guides 01?

60% of Instagram users find new products through the platform. According to reports, Instagram continues to be the most engaging platform for brands. It has a ten-fold higher engagement rate than Facebook, 54 percent higher than Pinterest, and 84 percent higher than Twitter. Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram’s Guide feature has been made available to all users worldwide. It is designed to assist content creators, and businesses get the most out of their Instagram marketing. Buying Instagram Followers

It lets users quickly find tips, recommendations, and other content from their favorite publishers, organization creators, and public figures.

The tool allows you to search for curated content and text illustrated with photos of your profile or products available on Instagram shopping. You can also browse guides created by others and create your content through the app.

You can find the “Guides” tab within your social media profiles

A flier icon indicates it. You can also find guides for specific products in the Instagram Shopping area. Click Here

Check out the video below to see what Instagram guides are. How to use them for your business? This Guide will provide all the information you need. Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram Guides: What is it?

Instagram Guides allow you to combine different content on the same topic in one place. It organizes content, so your audience has easy access, rather than a messy mix of different content. Buying Instagram Followers

You can think of Guides as a series of categorized folders that contain related content. It’s a reading list that connects and complements all other posts.

You can add your most popular posts to the site and even add additional information. This is similar to a blog because it allows creators and brands to create dense content.

You can also use Instagram Guides to gather content from other users. This will be discussed more later.

How to use Instagram Guides

Let’s go through the steps to show you how to use guides. You’ll find it easy and intuitive, so it’s not difficult. Learn more by following the steps below!

Get the Guides

You can view Instagram Guides in two ways. The first way is to view Instagram Guides through a user’s feed. Go to their feed and click on the magazine-like tab. It is located next to the IGTV or Reels tabs. Click on the account to view the Guides folders for that user. Buying Instagram Followers

Another option is to use the Product Guides, available inside Instagram Shopping. Click on the Shopping tab to access them.

Drag the “Explore Guides” button to the side. This feature is very similar to Instagram’s Explore. You will find many Guides that relate to products.

Share and create a Guide.

Click on the Guides tab of your Instagram feed to create your first Instagram Guide. Then, select the “+” icon. You will be asked if you want to create a Product, Place, or Publication Guide.

The “Location Guides”

This Guide allows you to recommend restaurants, bars, tourist sites, and other places to your followers. This Guide is great for brands and content creators in the travel or food niche. Buying Instagram Followers

Through the Guide, all Instagram users can suggest their favorite restaurants, cafes, malls, and tourist spots. This is a great opportunity to transform your influencer marketing. Imagine an establishment asking an influencer to appear at the top of its list to increase its fame.

The “Products Guides”

The Product Guide allows you to indicate your favorite brands and products as long as they’re linked to Instagram Shopping. Buying Instagram Followers

This feature is great for content creators and influencers with paid and unpaid partners. Referral marketing is a popular way for brands to invest because of the high return on investment.

The “Publications Guides”

You can select publications and content saved or posted to the Publication Guides tab.

This format can be used to group tips and recipes on the same topic or to tell stories. Publishing guides can be used by businesses to create visual storytelling.

A thread is usually centered around the same product/service type, season, or category. This allows brands and influencers to enrich the thread regularly.

Four Ways to Make Content for Instagram Guides

Instagram guides can be used in many strategic ways. It looks like an internal social networking blog, so endless possibilities exist. These are just a few examples of content that Guides can create: Buying Instagram Followers

Curator ship of news platforms

Contrary to popular belief, news sites and newspapers can use Guide. You can gather information on the same topic in one Guide, which makes it easier for customers to use. A newspaper could, for example, collect all information relevant to COVID-19 in one Guide. Buying Instagram Followers

Brand curator ship

Brands can create a catalog of their products using Instagram Shopping. You can also use the Product Guide to increase your visibility in Explore. This will generate more visibility for you and more buyers.

Be sure to make Publication Guides if you are posting relevant content or tips. Brands should not just focus on the products but also produce valuable content. Use the Guide to find your top posts.

Influencer curator ship

Instagram Guide has been a great opportunity for creators and influencers. You can also indicate partner brands or products when creating your Guides. This is another way to monetize Instagram. Buying Instagram Followers

Be sure to include your most valuable content in the Guides. It is possible, for example, to publish all posts related to exercises and recipes in one Guide if you are in the fitness niche.

Curator ship for Non-Governmental Organizations

Let’s not forget about the first profile to access the Guides: charities. They can share their tips and other information related to health, wellness, and social causes. This curation will support professionals and raise awareness.