How To Choose The Perfect ATV?

To choose the right ATV, you need to evaluate certain parameters of the technique. Much depends, of course, on the purpose of the purchase. After all, it can be pleasure riding, hunting, or fishing, tourism, housework, as well as extreme riding, or sports. Therefore, first, it is worth deciding on the tasks that the new vehicle will have to perform.

From this, indicators of the main parameters will follow engine power, tank volume, and so on. Today we’ll talk in detail about how to choose an ATV, what to look for and which manufacturers are famous for the special quality of these vehicles.

ATV control features

The question of how to choose an ATV is of interest to many outdoor enthusiasts. This technique is popular for hunting and fishing trips, and country trips. Moreover, the all-terrain vehicle will also be useful in the garden. It attracts high cross-country ability in off-road conditions, carrying capacity, efficiency, and good ergonomics. To choose the optimal model ATV, you need to be well-versed in the technical parameters and features of such vehicles.

ATVs have a four-wheel base, steering like motorcycles, and a side by side 4 seater. Most motor vehicle laws classify them as off-road vehicles. To drive an ATV, you need to get a driver’s license. While driving on public highways, traffic police officers can stop the ATV to check documents.

How To Drive ATV?

To start moving on an ATV, you need to perform a series of actions in the following sequence:

  • Sit in the saddle of the ATV.
  • Insert the key into the ignition lock and turn.
  • Press the electric starter button and start the engine.
  • Move the lever to the forward position.
  • Slowly press the accelerator lever and start moving off.
  • To increase speed, the throttle lever should be squeezed harder.
  • When driving on a road with obstacles, you need to switch the lever to the low-speed position.
  • To drive in reverse, shift the lever to the reverse position.
  • Use the brake pedal or handle to brake.

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The main types of ATVs

How to choose an ATV with a wide variety of models? Depending on the technical and tactical characteristics, there are several types of such equipment.

Utility ATVs

Mainly used in areas such as tourism, fishing, hunting, housekeeping, as well as for recreation, leisure, outdoor activities. These models are the most popular and in demand. Utility ATVs are all-wheel drive, with a powerful engine, reliable suspension, high ground clearance.

Tourist ATVs

Used in case of a long trip on a bad road. They are also all-wheel drive, with a gearbox with lower gear. This model is great for climbing hilly terrain. Touring ATVs can transport heavy loads, they are comfortable and easy to navigate off-road.

Road ATVs

Used when driving at a high speed on an asphalt road. They have a large engine capacity, thanks to which the ATV accelerates briskly. The wheels are wide for good cornering stability. These models have low ground clearance, as they drive mostly on good roads.

Sports ATVs

Used on low-traffic routes. Unlike other models, they are equipped with a powerful engine, a lightweight design, and a smaller fuel tank. The chassis is not as wide, designed to carry only one person. These models are driven by the rear wheels.

Children’s ATVs

Designed for children 6-12 years old. These models are recommended to be used away from the roadway, in an open area where there are no structures. And only under the supervision of parents. Children’s ATVs are smaller than other ATVs, they have little power and can reach speeds of up to 45 km / h. 


To choose the right ATV, you need not only to be well-versed in technical aspects but also to navigate the market features. You can get professional recommendations and even certain preferences by contacting the official representatives of the manufacturers of such equipment. And don’t hesitate to take a test drive. This will allow you to “try on” different models and choose the most suitable option.