Cosmetic boxes

The Cosmetics Industry has Boxes to Guard Products

The estimated worth of the cosmetic industry was US$ 532 billion in 2017 at an annual growth rate of around 4 percent. The industry has reached this success by earning the trust of its consumers around the globe. The manufacturing of a high-quality beauty product is one thing and presenting it for retail selling is another. Together, both factors play a role to make a beautifying item popular among consumers. All the leading brands in the cosmetics trade rely on custom boxes for presenting their beautifying items to retailers and consumers. The custom-printed boxes of the brands in their signature colours and exclusive logo imprinted on them define the attribution of the items. Usually, cardboard boxes are used for such purposes but the casings made of other packaging materials are also popular.

The following features describe the fact why the producers trust custom packaging boxes for the protection of their products.

Advocating Cosmetic Packaging

The beautifying items are meant to protect the beauty and enhance the charm of the physical appearance of a person. The casing in which they are to be packed should have the same features as well. The protective design and trendy shape of the container tell the story by themselves that how effective the product will be. The die boxes are a type of packaging that has a dedicated window on the casing through which the buyers can look at the item without opening the packing. In this way, they get to know what kind of product they are going to buy.

This design is useful for an item that includes colours and shades so that the consumers can see the shade and make a better decision. For example, an eyeshadow box needs to have a die-cut window in order to give the customers a better idea of what shade they should purchase. The same principle applies to the hair extensions packaging box in which not only the shade but also the style of the wig has to be seen by the consumers.

Customizable Cosmetic Packaging

All the cosmetic items are not of the same size, shape, and nature which is why they all need different types of containers. The box cartons are considered to be the finest packaging solution for cosmetics because of their versatility in size and shape. Such product packaging boxes come with various customisation options that can be availed to make them the most suitable packages for different types of cosmetics boxes. A strong bottom box is fit for heavy beautifying accessories such as lotions and perfumes. Since these boxes are by online companies, those who have just entered the glamorous world of fashion seem to search for how to make custom boxes. The online companies have designing teams as well as customer support centres where they can find satisfactory answers for all their queries regarding lipstick packaging as well as other types of casings for makeup items.

Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packages

A high-quality item manufactured for skin care should also be in an equally protective package that does not put a harmful effect on the commodity. A perfect casing is one that is made of organic material and does not damage the skincare item as well as pollute the environment such as lip balm boxes. The lip balm tube boxes are also another type of the same packaging as they both fall under the same category, which is lips care. Since skincare items are an essential part of makeup kits and they have direct contact with the skin of the consumers, they should not be packed in a synthetic casing. The foundation boxes need some amount of plastic but that should also be organic not artificially made. Similarly, mascara boxes also come in green packaging material. The wholesale lip gloss containers, used widely for promotional purposes, are also made of eco-friendly stock.  

Cost-Effective Packages

The perfume boxes are thought to be an expensive packaging solution but the fact is that they are cheaper than metallic casings. The perfume bottle boxes need support inside the containers to hold the bottle gently. Even if the container is made of metal it still needs cardboard sleeves to keep the bottle protected from shocks and bumps. In the same way, nail polish boxes do the same job for the small but delicate bottles of nail paint, which is one of the most liked makeup items in the world.

Retailers understand the fact that make-up boxes wholesale are cheaper which is why they prefer them over other types of boxes. The makeup manufacturers get lipstick packaging wholesale for promotional purposes and save a handsome amount that is to be spent on the marketing of the commodity otherwise. They use these containers as a countertop display box and put them at a promotional counter in a store where the consumers can see the beauty item easily. The product box packaging is no less than a blessing that has solved a lot of problems of manufacturers and retailers regarding the protection of their makeup articles. Whereas, the cosmetic box printing option can be used to beautify the casing and make it more presentable.