custom pillow boxes

What are the 6 types of custom pillow boxes packaging ?

An inventive and creative change in packaging boxes is the custom pillow boxes. They have given the plain boxes used for packaging and exciting change. And a bonus is that packing your items in pillow packaging boxes would not cost you high at all.

The boxes are made up of almost 100%  biodegradable material. They increase the attractiveness of your packaging while securely enclosing the product inside. They come in various types which are discussed down below.

Types of custom pillow packaging boxes

Following are the various types of pillow boxes used in the packaging industry. Lets take a look at them in detail.

Luxury custom pillow boxes

The pillow boxes can wear the luxurious charm with a few additions in the way they are made. The pillow boxes are made of cardboard substance which makes the raw material for its production very easily available. By customization, you can get them glazed, glossed, printed in multiple techniques, and change them up to your satisfaction. There are a variety of sizes of these packaging boxes. Hence the multiple uses.

Windows in pillow boxes

There are windows engraved in these innovative packaging boxes which increase their use in the business industry by multiple folds.A thin sheet of platic is attached in an opening at the front face of the pillow packaging boxes. That plastic gives a view inside the box. Whether it wraps chocolate, a clothing item, or a  perfume bottle, the windows increase the fanciness of these items so much more.

Kraft pillow boxes

The kraft material is far more opulent than simple cardboard. This simple brown and white paper material which can easily return to the earth are used in the production of pillow packaging boxes widely. It makes them strong and sturdy with a distinguished richness in them. the pillow boxes made of such quality can be used in selling food items effectively due to the fascinating look of packaging. Besides, the rough surface of the kraft pillow boxes avoids moisture to collect inside. Preventing the food from going soggy.

Gift packaging pillow boxes

The custom pillow boxes can used as stunning gift boxes too. They can preserve so many gifting items without bending over at a long range of resistance against the pressure. They can add a rich look to the gifts that you want to present to your loved ones. Things like coffee bags, tea bags,  clothing items, Chocolate packs, jewelry items, and sometimes just a little note can be presented beautifully using these boxes. Just to make the experience better, the comfortable customization options might even raise the standards of the custom pillow boxes to another level. For example, getting a happy birthday note printed on the surface of the boxes, etc.

Personalized pillow boxes

The easy-to-tailor material used in the making of pillow packaging boxes is the reason for their widespread use. They are available in every size with the option of making them up to your very own liking. The cardboard surface can easily be printed professionally with lithographic printing. For fancy touches, printing like embossing and debossing, gold and foil can be used on the easily printable surface. The pillow boxes can be made into flip-open boxes too. The for that it does not have to lose its shape as well. They can get a hole in the lower part of the box and get a ribbon passing through it. This feature can add to the security of the items inside and also make them look ravishing. It can easily be glossed. No other packaging boxes could be used for both personal and professional use as much as custom pillow boxes.

Cardboard pillow boxes

The use of simple and easily recyclable and low-priced cardboard substances to get pillow boxes made is highly beneficial for multiple reasons. These types of custom pillow boxes can retain the attraction of the packaging just as any other expensive ones. But, would give you the same use at a low cost. Cardboard is made of corrugated paper pulp material which gives the pillow boxes an extra wave of strength. This makes them available at the pillow boxes wholesale rates too!